Happy Earth Day Earthlings

Happy Green Day!
Happy Earth Day, Earthlings! What a beautiful day to enjoy the Earth and all the sentient beings that inhabit and share our Planet. We care and are very concerned for the wellbeing of our Planet and everyone and thing on it! Luv Shanti

Let̢۪s take time today to do something for the Planet, as well as make a commitment to change one thing that can lead to awareness for our Planet. Here is a list of ideals that we can all implement (and a lot of us already do) on a daily basis.

1. Recycle cans, bottles, and plastics and use glass bottles for water on the go.
2. Take a cloth or recycled tote whenever you shop.
3. By recycled goods instead of new. Furniture, bikes, dishes, etc. Craigslist.com is a great find for gently recycled objects!
4. Write down everything you purchase new. See if it was really necessary and where you can curb spending and consuming. When purchasing something, donate, give, sell something else, making for less clutter.
5. Plant trees, bushes, and plants. Give plants, and small trees as gifts for holidays, birthdays, etc.
6. Use green products in your home, for household cleaning, yards, cars, as well as skincare, body care and doggie/animal care.
7. Donate that which you don't use and haven't used in over a year. Clear space and have a relaxing clutter free home, and commit to reducing buying of new products. Borrow and share products and items with neighbors, friends and family.
8. Use recycled and green products when remodeling. Use items that are gently used (cabinets, countertops, even flooring!) You can remodel and build using almost all recycled and green products! *go to hgtv.com for more info!
9. Bike, and walk more, drive less. And make it a family fun event, going to the grocery store, beach, park, etc. See how long a tank of gas can last you~
10. Join a group that is making a difference for our Planet. Get involved in locale events that create awareness. Or create your own group. By actively doing something we can create awareness on a community scale~

Journey toward creative blissful living!

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