Itouch and a Greener World

Monday March 30, 2009
Ok I thought when I got the Itouch it was another style of Ipod with kewler features like the album covers that you can use your finger to swing thru and external speaker, internet connection, etc.. I had it a few months and downloaded music, then pretty much didn't use it alot... Well for some strange reason my new Mini Inspiron by Dell 9 inch laptop that I got around the same time (yah Gift Giving came early for me!) petered out.. And I had to send it back to Dell :(... So realizing I needed to still get online, I started using the iTouch and OMG my life changed from then on! Can you be in love with a inanimate object? I dunno, But I am! I love it! I noticed something on my iTouch called Apps, ok then I really feel deeply and forever in love. When I realized that a whole new world was opening up to me and that there was this very green, paperless way of doing different tasks, fun stuff, etc.. I was hooked!
I can do so much on my iTouch and yet it is still being underused! I have a calender that I fill up (like a PDA, I guess), then a notepad I use daily, Weather I check in the AM for my hubby, and those come with the iTouch, basic stuff.. Now for the goodies on my iTouch!
*The Weather Channel (I don't have to turn the TV on to see what is going on for the next ten days!)
*Oakley Surf Report (I can check to see what the surf is and High and Low Tides, great for walking on Beach!)
*Sunrise and Sunset (Ok this one is for taking pictures of the Sunset for my family of friends back in Florida!)

*Pandora Internet Radio (I can put in a Artist and it will automatically give me music related to that artist and style!)
*Phulki Indian Music (It is awesome plays the top 15 Indian Songs, like Jai Ho, etc!)

These are only a smidgen of over twenty five apps I have! If you have Itunes, go to Apps, and do a search or better yet see the featured, or newest ones! They are addictive! There are apps for Suntanning so you don't burn, for Meditation, Mantra, Yoga, blogging, weight loss, tasks, grocery shopping, etc! Unreal really how many there are! Also books you can download and read on the Itouch, I have Autobiography of a Yogi, of course I have read it a few times, but it's nice to read it when I am waiting at dentist, in line, etc!

Oh also you can purchase (I plan on this week) and Solar Power Charger for the Itouch! Since Cali gets alot of sun like FLA it should come in handy! And how green is that!

Rumor has it in Sept. They are coming out with a new model, I imagine it will include a mic,,,, fingers crossed!
Oh did I mention there is a buzz on the internet that the new form of mobile phones will be VOIP over internet with iTouch and the likes of... At this time you need to purchase a mic/headphone from Apple or a knock off on Ebay, and download a VOIP App, they are still in their infancy, but they work ok, from what I have heard.. I will be trying it out within the next few weeks, thru my Skype Accout.. And opps forgot to mention rumor also that Skype will be coming out with a App... Fingers and toes crossed! That would definetly be a Green Eye Grrl Three Winks!

Posted 3/30/2009 at 8:20 PM

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