Sea Otters, Lobstermen and Calendar Covers

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Dear Shanti,
Overfishing is one of the biggest threats facing our ocean — we simply catch fish faster than they can reproduce. But things are beginning to change.

We recently met up with NBC Nightly News and talked about the success of our work in the Gulf of Mexico, where we've successfully reversed years of overfishing. Red snapper populations have rebounded, but there's still a long way to go.

Plus, we've just unveiled our "Fishery to Fork" web site that engages fishermen, buyers, retailers, and seafood lovers in doing their part for the future of US fishing and the health of our ocean. Like I said, things are beginning to change and you can help be the catalyst.

Thanks for knowing that every day is Earth Day,

Vikki N. Spruill
President & CEO, Ocean Conservancy
Creature Feature: Sea Otters

Creature Feature: Sea Otters

The fate of the sea otter is entwined with the future of California's coasts. A single oil spill could wipe out the population. Find out how the otter half lives and then sign our petition to support marine-protected areas.

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They're All So Beautiful — Which Will It Be?

We're putting the finishing touches on our 2010 calendar and need your help deciding on the cover image. Please vote for your favorite image by this Friday, Apr. 24!

MA Lobstermen Join Forces to Save Whales

Lobstermen Graphic Thumbnail Massachusetts boasts about 900 lobstermen — hauling around 360,000 traps per year and landing about nine million pounds of lobster. While there are measures to protect the lobster population, lobstering poses major risks to whales in these waters. Learn more about the green band project and then see why fewer traps are good for lobstermen and good for whales.


April 2009

» Creature Feature: Sea Otters and California MPAs

» Vote Now to Select Our Calendar Cover Photo

» Massachusetts Lobstermen Join Forces to Save Whales
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Beneath The Surface
Beneath the Surface April 2009
Each month, we're focusing in on an ocean issue (and photo). Can you guess what it is? Here's a hint: If you love seafood, it might be on your menu tonight.
What We're Up To
» A wave of demands on the ocean is mounting and it's clear that we need order in the ocean.

» A solution that works for both sea turtles and longline fishermen.

» A recent move steers Florida towards a future of world-class fishing and healthy, vibrant coastal economies.
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