California dreamin? I think not

Ok I can't say that the beaches aren't lovely, they are... I can't say the rocky, jagged cliffs, and mountain terrain isn't so different from Florida and a nice change.. That the cool breezes this time of year are surreal and the ice cold pacific is a paradox to the warm atlantic ocean waters... But mostly I miss the swaying palm trees, the coast line without a view of oil rigs, warm waters that are refreshing to jump into and play, as well as the flat, yes flat nature of being able to see as far as the eye can. The possibilities, the endlessness.. That I miss the most..

There are so many great things about California, but it just aint Florida. If I would have come from Michigan, *where I was born and reared, then maybe it would have been the paradise lost for me.. But the paradise lost for me is Florida. My Family of friends, the warm tropical nites, the flip flops, Jimmy Buffett, drumming at the beach and mostly keeping the laid back lifestyle that probably was Cali in the 70's and is still Florida at least in some spots in the now.

I had no idea that I would be so homesick that all I could listen to is Jimmy Buffett. Everywhere I go I see our life as it was before moving. Our home in Titusville, and our life in Brevard.. One that was full and peaceful and the best people I have ever meet with all my travels under my belt.. I am so blessed... And my family beacons me back!
Now it is up to the Universe to supply our needs, which is of course always provided, just sit back and chill. So I am going to take alot of pics before I leave and take in the sights.. And all I ask of my friends is too please send love and peace so we can move thru this transition (and the drive thru Texas) with ease!

Love Ya Florida and all our family of friends!

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