Carbon Footprint and Beach Time

I now live about 2 miles from the beach… And it is great, since in Cali it is not easy to live on or close to the beach unless you have unlimited green coming out your ears! We have a very low carbon footprint here. No air conditioning, only a cold water washing maching, I drive as little as possible, Tony takes the Bus (ok it is a Motorcoach!) to Santa Barbara everyday, and we walk alot!
But to go to the beach I have to drive… I don’t yet walk two miles, and well am lazy that way… Still working on getting myself going more!
We do have a Scooter.. It is more green friendly since it uses so little gas.. I just have to buy two helmets.. Since in Florida they don’t require helmets for Scooters or Motorcycles… I don’t mind the minor investment, I just am not comfortable driving around here on it.. It is a busy area with alot of traffic, I am use to driving it around Satellite Beach and enjoying the Ocean breeze in that sleepy little beach town!
So I may wait till the weekend and have Tony take me on it (although it is really only for one person)… We have rode it together and well we got a flat…. Opps!
Since I feel like we are only going to be here a bit longer, I want to spend sometime at the beach.. Sending Reiki, and healing to the waters and all who inhabit them.
But for today, I just meditate while my iTouch plays dolphin sounds in the background. Almost as good and low carbon footprint.

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