Creativity, Kookiness and Tumblr

Ok I am sure alot of you have heard of Tumblr. It is a very easy format blog that u can set up and post pics, music, quotes and text. The style is simple and it is considered a microblog.. Blogging quick thoughts, etc...

Well I have had a tumblr account for quite awhile, and did nothing with it, me bad! But one day I changed up what my blogging idea was about and decided to jump in with both feet and my clothes on! So I decided to change up the name I had (new mojo I guess), and focused on the beach (one of my fav subjects!).. So I was beachgrrl on tumblr.. I posted pics of the beach, and thoughts about the beach, environmental causes to help the beach and sea life, as well as fun pictures not only of the beach, but cupcakes, glitter, etc. I found them on Flickr, and Photobucket, of course giving credit where due!

Well I started noticing that a number was growing.. It is a Tumblarity number. How sad is that or what? Tumblr recently decided to give people numbers of how popular they are in the world! Mine started out at 0 of course! Then by the end of week two it was 320 or 340.. And to get the number higher you have to post, like (which is send someone a heart to say you liked what they did) follow more and more people, get people to follow you as well as post original stuff. And I mean you had to post alot daily.. I would say 10-20 things and it was becoming a race against time. If you didn't post enough that day the number actually went down, even if you got more followers, etc! It was becoming a job, and really feed into my compulsiveness! Something I need no help with! :)

Stop the madness! I decided after a day of focusing on tumblr that it was time to unplug myself. So like a good extremess I am I deleted that account.. I couldn't blog and post and rush about online for the sake of popularity, or my ego..

Then a few dayz later I decided to start a LITM Tumblr blog. Now I just post some more personal stuff, as well as my favorite topics, of course eco-crafting! As well as fun pictures, stuff about my life, etc.. And my poplularity is 9 and I am so ok with that! It is more fun and more me!

I don't run with the big dogs on purpose, I find little peace in all that activity! I am more the little dog with the pillow my owner made for me out of eco friendly material! Who enjoys a good ride in the car to Micheals and organic treats.. That's me... Ruff Ruff

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