Have you ever felt

from HelloTxtHave you ever felt like a Dolphin lost from it's pod? Swimming, Swimming ever so far away, knowing that somethings wrong, but not being able to put your finger on it! And when u realize u have been displaced from your pod everything makes sense.. That's how it is for me being in Cali.. Not that it isn't sweet, nice, beautiful, etc, sure all those things.. It is the fact that I am far from my pod of friends and loved ones, and that can't just be recreated anywhere.. You don't just pick up and move and replace the faces, names and events with new ones.. At least I can't seem to, or want too. Spiritually I believe we have a link to all of us, but some of us have spent time together before, past lives maybe? And it seems the link for me is in Florida, I resonate with the warm, humid tropical like weather. Maybe a reminder of Lemurian times??? I relate to the dolphins in the Atlantic, the bottlenose dolphins that is....They seem like home too me also, as do the manatees, and sea turtles.. After all Dolphin Trilogy Reiki and all my creative writings have been in Florida. I kno wit's not perfect paradise there, no where is, but for me it's home and that is something I haven't had most of my life.. For now I dream of it, and soon I will set my toes in the sands of the beaches and watch teh dolphins play in the surf.. Ahhh.. pure bliss for me! 137.365 - And Only for Love

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