If everyday is precious.....

from HelloTxtIf everyday is precious, then what is a day doing Jury Duty for nine hours? BTW all the computer areas were booked. lt like they should have put a ankle monitors and striped outfits on us. We couldn't leave and it was just like a special form of hell... Not to be negative but it was so hard to sit there and wait, and wait and wait. I did get called to a jury, and it would have been a five day court case, and the defendant couldn't stop staring at all of us jurors, it was so intimidating... Scary really, he looked like Mike Tyson and was just so wigged out with the staring and looks at all of us he was completely turned around, it was so odd. He did this the entire time I was in the courtroom (30 minutes!).. I got off due to the fact that I do Respite care for a Highly functioning autistic boy and am needed weekly. I was so thankful to get out of that room, it actually smelled like a funeral home.. UGH! They say in Cali that folx usually get called for jury duty every 18 months! I was in Fla for 16 years and was never called!!! The Adventures of the Sad Little Cookie Sad yellow face

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