New Look for Lotus in the Mud

I have been fiddling with headers and layout. Sorry for any inconvenience! I guess it's better then changing my hair color all the time or places I live (although it has felt that way at times!)...

I just want a feel that I can't put into words. And I still haven't found it. I am going to take another poke at it and see if I can get the feel into style and layout. Of course ease of getting around on the blog and all that jazz!

I do trade out Lotus in the Mud Headers on my etsy site every 4 months. Just to freshen it up and make it feel alive! I have made my own and purchased some from other Etsy sellers :)...

So here I go again! Into the vault of creative funky vibelicious velvety cupcake ease! See I told ya it was hard to put into words what I want! :)

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