Rethinkin My Needle and Yarn Goals

Ok the last few dayz I have been enjoying cool weather and hangin with the grrls (karma and zen) and hubby... Clearing my head and enjoying the moments..

I still haven't really got the whole Crochet thing.. I know I will. I know that now. I am more confident and this will be my story with crocheting... I stopped, went forward, and slowed down.. It's all ok. There is no final destination. I know realize that I was putting alot of pressure on myself about the goals I have as a Crochet Artist.. I guess cause I was really really focused on my Artisan Bizz and being that I have been doin Jewelry for over twenty years.. I mean it took me along time to get where I am today thru TIME.. Time takes TIME..

Crocheting for me now seems like a fun, creative outlet, zen timez, restful healing of my mind! I am planning on (oh there's that word again) tryin out crocheted bracelet cuffs, lip balm holder, and anything small and fun... I am thinkin small for now.. then I can build up to amigurumi dolls.. I love those.. Small ones! :)

So what started out as beanies and scarves (since I am moving back to Florida they really wouldn't work) it is probably better I just enjoy the process of crocheting and start small..

I may even do jewelry, I do know how to macrame, and feel it may be similar other then you use a needle....

So as I settle into the realization that I can just relax, chill, even go to the beach and crochet w/o even thinking of the end result...


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