What ya do green today????

Here's my list today:

Well I had a few birthdays I had to get cards for, so I went to Ocean Conservancy and got a email card that was thought provoking and beautiful (had dolphins on it!)..

I ran the dishwasher so full it was scary! Also used eco green dishwashing soap from Traders Joe and distilled vinegar *for the calcium build up on the dishes...

Didn't drive the car today. Walked and was online.

Ate organic today. Also had produce that was from California (ok pretty locale!)

Packed lunch for T today. Instead of him purchasing lunch (driving, money, etc)

Joined One million acts of green today.. Did the pledged to reduce my carbon footprint quiz.

Invited friends to join One million acts of green today.....

Well normally I do even more, today was a laid back day. Did alot of updating my blogs, and syncing stuff and so on. I find that the simplier my days are then the more green and less my carbon footprint is!

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