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Farrah Fawcett Dies Today :(

'Charlie's Angel' Farrah Fawcett dies at 62

FILE - In this Aug. 29, 2004 file photo, Farrah Fawcett arrives for the  MTV AP – FILE - In this Aug. 29, 2004 file photo, Farrah Fawcett arrives for the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami. …

LOS ANGELES – Farrah Fawcett, the "Charlie's Angels" star whose feathered blond hair and dazzling smile made her one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1970s, died Thursday after battling cancer. She was 62.

The pop icon, who in the 1980s set aside the fantasy girl image to tackle serious roles, died shortly before 9:30 a.m. in a Santa Monica hospital, spokesman Paul Bloch said.

Ryan O'Neal, the longtime companion who had reunited with Fawcett as she fought anal cancer, was at her side, along with close friend Alana Stewart, Bloch said.

"After a long and brave battle with cancer, our beloved Farrah has passed away," O'Neal said. "Although this is an extremely difficult time for her family and friends, we take comfort in the beautiful times that we shared with Farrah over the years and the knowledge that her life brought joy to so many people around the world."

Other "Charlie's Angels" stars paid tribute to her.

"Farrah had courage, she had strength, and she had faith. And now she has peace as she rests with the real angels," Jaclyn Smith said.

Said Cheryl Ladd: "She was incredibly brave, and God will be welcoming her with open arms."

Fawcett burst on the scene in 1976 as one-third of the crime-fighting trio in TV's "Charlie's Angels." A poster of her in a clingy swimsuit sold in the millions.

Her full, layered hairstyle became all the rage, with girls and women across America adopting the look.

She left the show after one season but had a flop on the big screen with "Somebody Killed Her Husband." She turned to more serious roles in the 1980s and 1990s, winning praise playing an abused wife in "The Burning Bed."

She had been diagnosed with cancer in 2006. As she underwent treatment, she enlisted the help of O'Neal, who was the father of her now 24-year-old son, Redmond.

This month, O'Neal said he asked Fawcett to marry him and she agreed. They would wed "as soon as she can say yes," he said.

Her struggle with painful treatments and dispiriting setbacks was recorded in the television documentary "Farrah's Story." Fawcett sought cures in Germany as well as the United States, battling the disease with iron determination even as her body weakened.

"Her big message to people is don't give up, no matter what they say to you, keep fighting," her friend Stewart said. NBC estimated the May 15, 2009, broadcast drew nearly 9 million viewers.

In the documentary, Fawcett was seen shaving off most of her trademark locks before chemotherapy could claim them. Toward the end, she's seen huddled in bed, barely responding to a visit from her son.

Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Smith made up the original "Angels," the sexy, police-trained trio of martial arts experts who took their assignments from a rich, mysterious boss named Charlie (John Forsythe, who was never seen on camera but whose distinctive voice was heard on speaker phone.)

The program debuted in September 1976, the height of what some critics derisively referred to as television's "jiggle show" era, and it gave each of the actresses ample opportunity to show off their figures as they disguised themselves in bathing suits and as hookers and strippers to solve crimes.

Backed by a clever publicity campaign, Fawcett — then billed as Farrah Fawcett-Majors because of her marriage to "The Six Million Dollar Man" star Lee Majors — quickly became the most popular Angel of all.

Her face helped sell T-shirts, lunch boxes, shampoo, wigs and even a novelty plumbing device called Farrah's faucet. Her flowing blond hair, pearly white smile and trim, shapely body made her a favorite with male viewers in particular.

A poster of her in a dampened red swimsuit sold millions of copies and became a ubiquitous wall decoration in teenagers' rooms.

Thus the public and the show's producer, Spelling-Goldberg, were shocked when she announced after the series' first season that she was leaving television's No. 5-rated series to star in feature films. (Ladd became the new "Angel" on the series.)

But the movies turned out to be a platform where Fawcett was never able to duplicate her TV success. Her first star vehicle, the comedy-mystery "Somebody Killed Her Husband," flopped and Hollywood cynics cracked that it should have been titled "Somebody Killed Her Career."

The actress had also been in line to star in "Foul Play" for Columbia Pictures. But the studio opted for Goldie Hawn instead. "Spelling-Goldberg warned all the studios that that they would be sued for damages if they employed me," Fawcett told The Associated Press in 1979. "The studios wouldn't touch me."

She finally reached an agreement to appear in three episodes of "Charlie's Angels" a season, an experience she called "painful."

She returned to making movies, including the futuristic thriller "Logan's Run," the comedy-thriller "Sunburn" and the strange sci-fi tale "Saturn 3," but none clicked with the public.

Fawcett fared better with television movies such as "Murder in Texas," "Poor Little Rich Girl" and especially as an abused wife in 1984's "The Burning Bed." The last earned her an Emmy nomination and the long-denied admission from critics that she really could act.

As further proof of her acting credentials, Fawcett appeared off-Broadway in "Extremities" as a woman who is raped in her own home. She repeated the role in the 1986 film version.

Not content to continue playing victims, she switched type. She played a murderous mother in the 1989 true-crime story "Small Sacrifices" and a tough lawyer on the trail of a thief in 1992's "Criminal Behavior."

She also starred in biographies of Nazi-hunter Beate Klarsfeld and photographer Margaret Bourke-White.

"I felt that I was doing a disservice to ourselves by portraying only women as victims," she commented in a 1992 interview.

In 1995, at age 50, Fawcett posed partly nude for Playboy magazine. The following year, she starred in a Playboy video, "All of Me," in which she was equally unclothed while she sculpted and painted.

She told an interviewer she considered the experience "a renaissance," adding, "I no longer feel ... restrictions emotionally, artistically, creatively or in my everyday life. I don't feel those borders anymore."

Fawcett's most unfortunate career moment may have been a 1997 appearance on David Letterman's show, when her disjointed, rambling answers led many to speculate that she was on drugs. She denied that, blaming her strange behavior on questionable advice from her mother to be playful and have a good time.

In September 2006, Fawcett, who at 59 still maintained a strict regimen of tennis and paddleball, began to feel strangely exhausted. She underwent two weeks of tests and was told the devastating news: She had anal cancer.

O'Neal, with whom she had a 17-year relationship, again became her constant companion, escorting her to the hospital for chemotherapy.

"She's so strong," the actor told a reporter. "I love her. I love her all over again."

She struggled to maintain her privacy, but a UCLA Medical Center employee pleaded guilty in late 2008 to violating federal medical privacy law for commercial purposes for selling records of Fawcett and other celebrities to the National Enquirer.

"It's much easier to go through something and deal with it without being under a microscope," she told the Los Angeles Times in an interview in which she also revealed that she helped set up a sting that led to the hospital worker's arrest.

Her decision to tell her own story through the NBC documentary was meant as an inspiration to others, friends said. The segments showing her cancer treatment, including a trip to Germany for procedures there, were originally shot for a personal, family record, they said. And although weak, she continued to show flashes of grit and good humor in the documentary.

"I do not want to die of this disease. So I say to God, `It is seriously time for a miracle,'" she said at one point.

Born Feb. 2, 1947, in Corpus Christi, Texas, she was named Mary Farrah Leni Fawcett by her mother, who said she added the Farrah because it sounded good with Fawcett. She was less than a month old when she underwent surgery to remove a digestive tract tumor with which she was born.

After attending Roman Catholic grade school and W.B. Ray High School, Fawcett enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin. Fellow students voted her one of the 10 most beautiful people on the campus and her photos were eventually spotted by movie publicist David Mirisch, who suggested she pursue a film career. After overcoming her parents' objections, she agreed.

Soon she was appearing in such TV shows as "That Girl," "The Flying Nun," "I Dream of Jeannie" and "The Partridge Family."

Majors became both her boyfriend and her adviser on career matters, and they married in 1973. She dropped his last name from hers after they divorced in 1982.

By then she had already begun her long relationship with O'Neal. Both Redmond and Ryan O'Neal have grappled with drug and legal problems in recent years.


Associated Press TV Writer Lynn Elber contributed to this report.

Amigurumi on Etsy

bundles of joy: geeky amigurumi on etsy

June 18th, 2009 comments (1) stumble it! digg it! by: lambert v.

Crochet connoisseur Rin aka deadcraft aka oddgumi makes wonderful dolls of personalities both fictional and real, as long as they're awesome. I am confident that a Barney Stinson doll is in the works. Let's look at some her creations:

mythbusters doll

Now that's something you don't see everyday. Jamie looks kinda creepy though. Adam's spot on, but I still like Lolcat Adam better. You can get the myth busting dolls for $46 (USD) at Rin's Etsy shop.

joker doll

Forget what I said about Jamie. That is creepy. Yet still awesome. Should you want to scare the hell out of anyone, you can buy the Heath Ledger Joker doll for $24, also at Rin's Etsy shop.

old snake doll

"War has changed. War has become routine. And for some reason I know nothing about what's going on and always have to be informed by Otacon and everyone else around me." So says Old Snake, who for some reason seems to be carrying sausages around his neck. Unfortunately, the Snake doll is not currently on Rin's Etsy shop, but I'm pretty sure she won't turn you down if you ask her to make you one.

Check out Rin's website, Flickr page and Etsy shop for more dolls.

[via spritestitch]

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$2.00 Tank Tops for Women Today Only!

I posted this because if you are looking for tanks and are on a serious budget (like alot of folx) you will love the $2.00 Tanks today. Limit 5.

Even if you don't care for Old Navy, you will enjoy the savings today! I usually try and purchase my clothing thru thrift shoppes, or Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshals (where I do find Organic Clothing discounted!)..

But sometimes I do find something at Old Navy. I love their Docker style Big Bell khaki's (I got a few of them for $4.97 each!) And yes I am saving money and all that jazz, but also I will wear them till they fall apart, and then try and use them for a craft project or donate them!

I don't buy alot of clothing anymore, since I am trying to just keep it simple, but do like a few basics in my wardrobe, such as the tanks (remember I am from Florida and moving back and we need tanks like ya all need water this time of year!).

I don't actually have alot of clothes anymore.. Just some really niceilicous tops, and a few pair of my fav pants (I scored at Levi's in Downtown SB and got Organic Cotton small Bell jeans for $14.00 a pair and got two!) I am a purse, tote person, but I usually buy recycled or organic cotton purses as of late! :) And for shoes, well I have three pair of Simple recycled mary janes with organic cotton... But I do have my Sequin Converse low top (had to have them and again will keep them forever!) and reef flip flops.... I know not eco friendly :(((
But I guess it is a big improvement from a few years ago! And I am getting better with my ecolicious style!
So check out Old Navy today and enjoy!
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Creative Weekend Ahead

What plans do you have this weekend? Basking in the sun? Reading a good book? Sipping Organic Lemonade????
Well since I am in Cool and Crisp Ventura, Cali and it doesn't feel or look like Summer right now I am going to do some fun Creative stuff instead of my pool/beach bum time!
My loose plan (after all a Creative weekend requires little planning!) is to Go to The Yarn Store in Ventura that is having a open house, it is their annual event for many years being open! So I will sniff out some good dealz and check out what they have in the arena of Organic!
Then hang out at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Ventura, have some of their Summer tea and play on my iTouch (that is if it is working properly!).... Then run over to JoAnns with my 40% off coupon and check out the books again (did that last weekend!) Hurrah!
And of course Old Navy (one of my fav spots to shoppe, for doggies, hubby and yes even me!) They are having $2.00 Ribbed Knit Tanks!!! All day! So that will be my first stop!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunniest Places in United States - Current Results

Thought this would be interesting to see who has the most sun! Hmmm I may need to move there, since Ventura, is fa sure not one of them! :)
Sunniest Places in United States - Current Results

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Blogging for Bliss New Book!

Blogging for Bliss

Macrame Bliss

Another wonderful book I got that is really inspiring me to start macrame ing again: Bead & Fiber Jewelry.
I only even picked in the book cause of the fiber part. I figure, well maybe there is some ideas for Macrame.. OMG was there ever! I mean this is probably to date the most inspiring Macrame book I have come across, and I have come across quiet a few..

If you ever considered knotting as a art, this book is it! The macrame pieces in it are gallery gorgeous, natural, earthy, yet so sophisticated, not your hippie brand macrame (which I am all for!)..
After all the cover does say: Elegant Knotted Designs!

I feel inspired to run out and get rolls and rolls of natural linen based on these designs: Bones, Stones and Fossils.. OMG again! How many styles of knots can you put in one design??? Well they look smashing and it works.. Why didn't I think of that... Can you say steal your face designs! I will add my own touch but definetly be inspired by this book! I also love Drusy Stone Necklace.. OMG again and again! :) I love using natural pieces from the sea, MOP, Ocean Jasper, assorted Shells.. And this piece has it all! :)
Don't be deceived by the cover (which is a less then average design!) Inside is amazing!

Sewing Green Gush

I am a bookie! I love to have great creative pics and ideas surrounding me. Especially when I am in a rut! Or just not feelin it.. Which of course happens to all of us, if we are honest.
So I went Craft book shopping and found a few that got the juices flowing.. Oh my I love new books!~

Did I mention I purchase craft books that don't necessarily relate to my talents at this moment?? Ok here is the first one:

Sew Green. Loved the title and the fact that it is about reusing, repurposing, recycling clothes, fabrics, buttons, etc. The layout of the book A+.. The pictures are beautiful and the directions seem well laid out. Ok coming from me, who doesn't know how to sew, thatz real fresh I know.. But I got the feeling I could eventually create the Penny Rug Trivet and Coasters! I loved the take it easy lounge pants, off the cuff wallet, BYOB water bottle sling.. And a few others.. This is one creative, colourful, delic book that is worth the $20.00 I paid! (got it at B & N and have a discount card there!)..
I love this book. I am actually planning on learning how to hand sew, (ok I don't know how) and then go from there. This book will stay in my collection to mull over and gush with possibilities!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ok time to soak up the Vitamin D! Sunshine Lovin Blissful liquid dreamz ♫ *
Sunz coming out, time to see the rainbow in the sky all the time.. Letz not be blind. Rainbow to everyone! :) ♫ *

Monday, June 1, 2009

Coastal and Creative Living!

I recently purchased (yes I did, instead of digital copy of it, which I normally do!) Color it Coastal by Coastal Living... Some beautiful Sea Glass hue home designs and wonderful pictures of where I want to live! :)

I also picked up a coy of ReadyMade! Love that one.. If you don't know it, check it out! I love some of the Patchwork upcycling ideas!

I am going to do some collaging and a manifestation board with the Coastal Living Color it Mag, and with ReadyMade I am going to download some of the music they showcased (on eMusic) and try some of the crafty, inexpensive projects! Yah Me!