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June 18th, 2009 comments (1) stumble it! digg it! by: lambert v.

Crochet connoisseur Rin aka deadcraft aka oddgumi makes wonderful dolls of personalities both fictional and real, as long as they're awesome. I am confident that a Barney Stinson doll is in the works. Let's look at some her creations:

mythbusters doll

Now that's something you don't see everyday. Jamie looks kinda creepy though. Adam's spot on, but I still like Lolcat Adam better. You can get the myth busting dolls for $46 (USD) at Rin's Etsy shop.

joker doll

Forget what I said about Jamie. That is creepy. Yet still awesome. Should you want to scare the hell out of anyone, you can buy the Heath Ledger Joker doll for $24, also at Rin's Etsy shop.

old snake doll

"War has changed. War has become routine. And for some reason I know nothing about what's going on and always have to be informed by Otacon and everyone else around me." So says Old Snake, who for some reason seems to be carrying sausages around his neck. Unfortunately, the Snake doll is not currently on Rin's Etsy shop, but I'm pretty sure she won't turn you down if you ask her to make you one.

Check out Rin's website, Flickr page and Etsy shop for more dolls.

[via spritestitch]

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