Macrame Bliss

Another wonderful book I got that is really inspiring me to start macrame ing again: Bead & Fiber Jewelry.
I only even picked in the book cause of the fiber part. I figure, well maybe there is some ideas for Macrame.. OMG was there ever! I mean this is probably to date the most inspiring Macrame book I have come across, and I have come across quiet a few..

If you ever considered knotting as a art, this book is it! The macrame pieces in it are gallery gorgeous, natural, earthy, yet so sophisticated, not your hippie brand macrame (which I am all for!)..
After all the cover does say: Elegant Knotted Designs!

I feel inspired to run out and get rolls and rolls of natural linen based on these designs: Bones, Stones and Fossils.. OMG again! How many styles of knots can you put in one design??? Well they look smashing and it works.. Why didn't I think of that... Can you say steal your face designs! I will add my own touch but definetly be inspired by this book! I also love Drusy Stone Necklace.. OMG again and again! :) I love using natural pieces from the sea, MOP, Ocean Jasper, assorted Shells.. And this piece has it all! :)
Don't be deceived by the cover (which is a less then average design!) Inside is amazing!

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