Sewing Green Gush

I am a bookie! I love to have great creative pics and ideas surrounding me. Especially when I am in a rut! Or just not feelin it.. Which of course happens to all of us, if we are honest.
So I went Craft book shopping and found a few that got the juices flowing.. Oh my I love new books!~

Did I mention I purchase craft books that don't necessarily relate to my talents at this moment?? Ok here is the first one:

Sew Green. Loved the title and the fact that it is about reusing, repurposing, recycling clothes, fabrics, buttons, etc. The layout of the book A+.. The pictures are beautiful and the directions seem well laid out. Ok coming from me, who doesn't know how to sew, thatz real fresh I know.. But I got the feeling I could eventually create the Penny Rug Trivet and Coasters! I loved the take it easy lounge pants, off the cuff wallet, BYOB water bottle sling.. And a few others.. This is one creative, colourful, delic book that is worth the $20.00 I paid! (got it at B & N and have a discount card there!)..
I love this book. I am actually planning on learning how to hand sew, (ok I don't know how) and then go from there. This book will stay in my collection to mull over and gush with possibilities!

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