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Summertime is here, My time of year for Crafting!

I love this idea.. Of course making a plain canvas tote into fantabulous is right up my alley.. I also like that it can be made into not just a beach/pool bag, but a purse (or all round bag for everyday!)..
And the hat, well Florida sun, need I say more! CREATE! clipped from Our 60 Best Summer Crafts
Use touches of raffia to transform a plain canvas tote and a straw beach hat into bright, sunny creations.
Make the Raffia Tote and HatOur Top 60 Summer Crafts

Oh this look fun fun fun!!!

OK this are so cute.. I could do this today! Just love anything natural, straw, raffia, esp. for this time of year! Thank you again Martha! clipped from July14TUESDAY

Embellished Straw Slippers

Decorated with a dazzling combination of fabric, ribbons, sequins, and beads, store-bought slippers offer a wonderful way to welcome houseguests and make lovely gifts for virtually any occasion.

Plus, This Week's Projects

Countdown to Road Trip

I am to leave on the 17th for a four day road trip to Florida, from Ventura, California..
Seems like things are falling apart as I blog, but I know that these things happen last minute...
It is also going to be a sort of Artist Retreat for me... I have alot of creative friends who will be getting together to do crafts, and different mediums.. I am putting out the intention I will learn to Crochet (finally!) and embroidery as well as make Sock Monsters!!! :)
And to just hang out and be part of a wonderful energy of friends and hot summer days, as well as hot summer nites! YAH for that! Beach here I come....
I can't wait to get there!!!!

Summer Issue of Stuffed!

I got this at Borders... I just took some time to wonder thru it.. OMGosh! Even though I have started Sock Cuties, I have new ideaz and my juices are flowing! Worth the $14.99!! clipped from A crocheted bird ... a felt monster ... a cat made from an old sweater ... so many different materials can be used to create the loveable and huggable creatures known as “softies.” Stuffed: A Gathering of Softies celebrates these uniquely whimsical characters through page after page of gorgeous photos, easy-to-understand tips and techniques and an endless amount of inspiration. Veteran softie artists and new fans alike will enjoy this playful look at stuffed creatures of all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.
Our Sommer 2009 issue of Stuffed is filled with creativity! Take a peek at some of our great articles and projects! Summer 2009

Two new Journals for the Road Trip and Beyond!

Got them at Borders.. One is Paperchase (I love that UK Company!) It is actually a plastic cover with a insert of three chicks from the 60's w big glasses and matching 60's dresses! I also got the one behind it for like 6.00.. It was on clearance and the nice thing about retro journal is that you can just take out the inside book and replace it with said flowery one! And I can take out the pics of the three chicklets and put in their my art, etc.. My hubby said the plastic cover reminds him of when you went to doctors offices and they had plastic over the mags! I know plastic isn't eco, but the fact that I can just keep reusing the plastic cover and just purchase recycled paper books to put in this journal makes it extra special Hyrbidish! and Kewl cause I can change out the cover whenever I want.. You can only purchase this in your neighborhood borders store.. Sorry :(... It isn't online even in the UK! I couldn't find a pic of it anywhere!

It is always good to know that we are so much better off still then other countries

Letz count our blessings! And pray and send good vibes to the other Countries suffering! clipped from 11 Places With a Worse Economy Than Ours When times are tough, one thing that tends to raise the spirits is knowing that somebody else has it worse. And as wretched as the U.S. economy seems, it's not as bad as in other regions. We should count ourselves lucky, though. The IMF expects at least 11 major parts of the world to have more severe economic contractions than the United State this year, including most of western Europe, Japan, Russia, and Mexico. Europe will still be stumbling along behind the United States next year, as well. Here are the IMF's projections for economic growth in various parts of the world:

Another great tip from Martha!!!

This happens alot too to gelato! I never thought of doing this! So Kewl! clipped from Ice Cream Saver

Prevent condensation from forming an unappealing icy crust on ice cream by pressing waxed paper against its surface before you close the container. Follow this process each time, and every scoop will taste as fresh as the first.
60 More Summer Good Things

Follow your Bliss 2010

Gee is it that time of year already to start thinking of weekly planners that catch my fancy?? I love this one.. That it has accordian pocket, and elastic band that goes around it... Would be great for keeping creative secrets that come around the corner to greet me! clipped from
2010 Weekly Planner
Weekly Planner


6.75"x9.25"x1.5" - Features fully designed interior weekly pages - Gold Foil Details on Hard Cover - 54 beautiful designs - Accordion pocket on inside cover - Elastic cloth band closure.

Incredible Deal two mags for $10.00 Thanx Martha

Ok I think it is safe to say that this is crazzzy cheap for both of these mags! OMGosh! Fa Sure! I love Body + Sou, and I am sure I will love Everyday Food! Even if I am a Veggiegrrl! clipped from
Send for a FREE PREVIEW Issue today.
For a limited-time only, you can receive a full year (10 issues) of BODY+SOUL as part of your paid EVERYDAY FOOD subscription! That's 10 issues of each magazine (20 issues in all) for just $10! You'll save 88% off of the combined newsstand price -- our low consumer rate!

Say YES to a full year of both Everyday Food and Body + Soul -- it's a GOOD thing!!

365 dayz of Creative Bliss even when ya don't feel like it!

I have this book and it is one of the best purchases I have made this year! A must have and will go with me on the road trip! Fa Sure! so many great creative ideas! Love this publishing company! clipped from Crafter's Devotional 365 Days of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for Unlocking Your Creative Spirit Barbara Call
There is something elemental shared among artists and crafters, regardless of chosen medium: creative energy. Crafters dabble, collaborate, muse, and make, all in their own way and on their own timeline. For all crafts, there are established techniques to follow but wild, innumerable ways to experiment, using the basics to launch crafters to new heights. The Crafter's Devotional can aid that launch. Each week day is allocated its own entry, on which the reader will find a daily dose of craft content that inspires, instructs, and illuminates. Weekend entries explore topics and techniques in greater depth--perfect for enjoying on a more leisur…

So many great Craft Books So little Time Coupons help though!

I have a B and N membership so I will get the extra ten percent off. I found a book tonite called Rebound.. I can't wait to get it..
Also found a wonderful mag called Softies, you guessed it all about little handmade cuties!
PS also a new mag coming out called Green Crafting in August! Ya know I will be getting it! clipped from

Ok Would love to do this, hard though when road trippin!

I mean I could use it! I am doing a mini fast and squats, push ups, and feeling good, no sugar and bread really helps OMGosh!!!!
Sleeping better already! Thatz how toxic the stuff is! clipped from Join the 30-Day Yoga Journey from Florian Yoga Companion by Florian Each day for the next 30 days you will receive a new tool for beginning or enhancing your yoga practice - meditations, mantras, hatha yoga practices, communication tools and more. Appropriate for newcomers to yoga and long-term practitioners. Come along for the journey! Begin today. Ommmmmmm.

OMG how cute!

Oh that is so cuteriffic! I love it. Although I was a mess maker when I was little and they wouldn't have come out so neat and beautiful! Have fun with this! clipped from Visit for a slideshow of 6 dried pasta crafts. Craft a train, barrette,tiara, and pencil cup. This one is much better than the one I made as a kid by gluing macaroni to a tin can and spray painting it…

Love these Looks!

Summertime is a great time to do beautiful makeovers, of course in Florida, you can do it all the time! clipped from Instant Makeovers
Why not give your rooms a fresh, new look for summer? These simple projects can be completed in a weekend (or less)!60 Summer Decorating Ideas19 Ways to Add Color to Your HomeQuick and Easy UpgradesTour a Summer Beach House
Try These Projects Now Sea-Glass-Tiled TabletopDyed Linen Wall PanelsPrinted Seashell Pillows