Two new Journals for the Road Trip and Beyond!

Got them at Borders.. One is Paperchase (I love that UK Company!) It is actually a plastic cover with a insert of three chicks from the 60's w big glasses and matching 60's dresses!
I also got the one behind it for like 6.00.. It was on clearance and the nice thing about retro journal is that you can just take out the inside book and replace it with said flowery one! And I can take out the pics of the three chicklets and put in their my art, etc.. My hubby said the plastic cover reminds him of when you went to doctors offices and they had plastic over the mags! I know plastic isn't eco, but the fact that I can just keep reusing the plastic cover and just purchase recycled paper books to put in this journal makes it extra special Hyrbidish! and Kewl cause I can change out the cover whenever I want..
You can only purchase this in your neighborhood borders store.. Sorry :(...
It isn't online even in the UK! I couldn't find a pic of it anywhere!

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