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If you love Dolphins

If you love Dolphins and want to make a difference then go see the movie The Cove and go to their website:

Beach House Style Guide

Ok this could be fun! Think of green beach living! As in using what you have, if you do purchase, use organic fabrics, paints that are no voc, natural flooring and upcycled furniture.
Or just enjoy the pictures and don't fret about it at all!
Just enjoy and drift away to your imaginary beach house! clipped from Beach House
Style Guide

Get the coastal look wherever you live with our expert tips on beach house style for every room of your home.
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Even More Reader-Submitted Photos
Our readers hit the water with camera in tow and snap some amazing photos. See our new favorites.
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How-to Shuck An Oyster
Julia Rutland, our Senior Food Editor, will show you how to shuck fresh oysters with ease.
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Calling all Bob Marley Lovers (like me!)

Just got a email from Pandora, and finally I guess they got a Bob Marley Station! Yah Mon, it is rainbow love kinda time!

Listen and ENJOY your Day! Dance a bit and Twirl around to Bob and friends! Jah Mon! clipped from I thought you would like to try this Bob Marley Radio station I created on Pandora. Just click the link below and start listening. “Bob Marley Radio”

The Woolworth Museum in Downtown Oxnard

From Conejo Valley guideThis is just a few miles from my house! Will stop by one day fa sure! The Woolworth Museum in Downtown OxnardStop by Downtown Oxnard for what is believed to be the only Woolworth Museum in the world! Located in the Woolworth Building (circa 1950) at 210 West Fourth Street, Oxnard, this small and unique museum contains all sorts of nostalgic items associated with the F. W. Woolworth Company, one of the original "five and dime" stores. The building is located at the corner of South A Street and West 4th Street and the museum entrance is on the 4th Street side adjacent to an ATM.
The Woolworth Museum resides in the 16,800 square foot Woolworth Building that was completely redeveloped in 2003 and is occupied by tenants and the Fresh and Fabulous Cafe.  I visited the building and it is beautifully done, the museum is really cool (see video clip below) and the cafe serves delicious food (the spinach quiche I dined on was incredibly mouthwatering, savory and s…

Omgosh this so is true true true!

Rock on Macrame! And all forms of Crafting! clipped from

Summer of Love Event Pics

Me at the Mic, oh boy how great is that, a Italian/Irish grrl that loves to chat! clipped from

Summer of Love Pics

clipped from

A few Pictures from the Summer of Love Event in Fla

Ok it was first thing in the morning! clipped from

Oh how fun on a Friday Nite! :)

This would be great to do in our home in Florida! Oh well hope the Renters are having fun outdoors in the big backyard!
This would be hard to do in our Apt! Fa Sure! HAHA! clipped from Outdoor Movie Party
An outdoor movie party is just the ticket for a good time with family and friends. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need lots of space or special equipment.
Throw an Outdoor Movie PartyTest Your Summer Pop Culture IQ

From Organic Spa Blog: A Big hug and thank u!!!


The winner of our blogroll contest is Shanti Johnson of  She is going to receive an Organic Spa Magazine goody bag full of organic and health products.  I want thank everyone who has added us on their blogroll, I enjoy all of your websites and visit them often.  Congratulations Shanti!Share and Enjoy: