The Woolworth Museum in Downtown Oxnard

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This is just a few miles from my house! Will stop by one day fa sure!

The Woolworth Museum in Downtown Oxnard

Stop by Downtown Oxnard for what is believed to be the only Woolworth Museum in the world! Located in the Woolworth Building (circa 1950) at 210 West Fourth Street, Oxnard, this small and unique museum contains all sorts of nostalgic items associated with the F. W. Woolworth Company, one of the original "five and dime" stores. The building is located at the corner of South A Street and West 4th Street and the museum entrance is on the 4th Street side adjacent to an ATM.

The Woolworth Museum resides in the 16,800 square foot Woolworth Building that was completely redeveloped in 2003 and is occupied by tenants and the Fresh and Fabulous Cafe.  I visited the building and it is beautifully done, the museum is really cool (see video clip below) and the cafe serves delicious food (the spinach quiche I dined on was incredibly mouthwatering, savory and satisfying).  The museum can also be accessed by walking through the Cafe.

[YouTube Video]

The museum features all sorts of items. Many are actual old items that exemplified what the Woolworth's used to sell. There are souvenirs from the Woolworth Building in New York, which was the tallest building in the world when completed in 1913.

Some items on display relate directly to this building and the people who worked there, including two managers and a woman who worked here on the first day that the store opened in 1950 (she still lives in Oxnard!).

There is an entire collection of books related to the Woolworth stores and history. There are several items from the old lunch counters, including dishes and menus, and there are some items that relate directly to the pivotal Civil Rights sit-in that took place at a Woolworth Lunch Counter in 1960.

There are photos of numerous Woolworth stores from 1878 through the 1960s throughout the building. In addition, there is a working antique dial pay-phone, a take-your-own photo booth from the 1940s, and many games and vending machines from...

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