Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dyed Sunset Turqouise Tibetan Sandalwood Beads Bracelet

From Lotus in the Mud shoppe

Dyed Sunset Turqouise Tibetan Sandalwood Beads Bracelet

Dharma Truths Bracelets

Sunset Turquoise beads:
Turquoise is a third chakra healing stone. Great for communication, speaking your truths, public speaking,acting, and thyroid support.
One oblong Sunrise Turquoise smooth gemstone bead is surrounded by hand carved sandalwood tibetan prayer beads repurposed from tibetan malas. 8 Inch on stretchy cord. Each one of beautiful, simple and great to wear daily for that reminder of your truths, and speaking your truth
The Sunset colour is wonderful for creativity, learning to let go, and the sunset colour connects with the sacral chakra.

Lotus in the offers elegant and simplistic sandalwood and semiprecious gemstone bracelets made Using repurposed
hand carved sandalwood Tibetan prayer malas. Each prayer bead has a Buddha or "Fo" Chinese symbol for Buddha.
Each Lotus in the bracelet is made from Tibetan prayer malas(also known as a Japa Mala) specially imported from Asia. Each mala is unique in its own right resulting in a one-of-a-kind flavor for each and every bracelet.