Yoga Ruby Jade Passion Zen Necklace OOAK Sale Free Ship in USA

Yoga Ruby Jade Passion Zen Necklace OOAK Sale Free Ship in USA

Gotta Love this lush red color of this free form pendant! Nice!
This is a very organic style,, a real loose, free form design to match the pendant..I really like it.. It isn't my usual style but I love the funky Chunky Hunky Style!! Definetly OOAK and not to be done again! Well I wouldn't remember how! :) HEHEHE
Root Chakra grounding and great for a evening out on the town, Holiday party with your little black funky dress, or vintage velvet suit!
This is totally totally adjustable From choker length to mid bust length.. For your dresser times!
Stats on this piece:
Has a 32-36x30mm faceted freeform ruby jade pendant it is not perfectly how do you say square.. notice that in the picture.. hence the word free form.. But I like it that way.. After all, what is truly perfect in our world anyhoo???, At the bottom of the pendant is a silver plated antique finish dangle (one side has flowers on it!) the other side has the word passion! Yah baby!
Thai style silver plated beads ornate the top of the pendant, as well as one side of the cord! There are two handblown OOAK glass beads that are red, black and whites, ... One bead is a bumpy bead, the other is a flat coin bead with additional colors on the white part of the bead.. NICE!
Three silver shiny plated spacer beads at the end near the knot..
You pull those back and forth on the cord to make it shorter or longer! :)
And finished off with another OOAK handblown glass bead and a few silver thai style plated beads..
NICE NICE And can be very very dressy! :)
Funk with Function with Chunky Passion Red Love!


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