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Thank u Better Homes and Garden! For Do it Yourself Magazine!

Ok again where have I been? Asleep at the wheel again!

This is a incredible mag comes out four times a year (oh well!) I love it!

It has so many incredible, fantaulous, beautiful ideas that I just ooh and awe over each page! Think Indie Crafts meet Ready Made (another mag I love), meets Etsy, Meets Funk and Flash on the fly!

If you would love to have a mag that will brighten each season with new, inexpensive ideas to mix it up at home, then get this mag!! Right now you can get one year and the next is free..

I actually bought this mag at my locale Home Depot (yes the hubby dragged me in there!!!)... I just can't say enough about this (have you noticed!) ..

BTW I work (only a few times a month now) at a Incredible Vintage bookstore and my fav 70's home designs mags and books that we have are always Better Home and Gardens!
Even their Vintage craft books make me drool!!!!

Ok well check it out anyhoo! ENJOY! Create! Inspire! BE! clipped from Artwork Under $5
Four fun, f…

Where have I been all my life... Love Love this Artist!

Ok I probably did just fall off the turnip truck.. I just found this incredible Artist who borders on Whimsical mayhem! Love her work! Check out this book Like I give a Frock, she did the illustrations! So on my Holiday Wish list! clipped from Like I Give a Frock
Fashion Forecasts and Meaningless Misguidance
By Michi
Illustrations by Kat Macleod

Like I Give a Frock -- Wonder when a baguette became a bag and not just a hunk of bread? (Fendi, 1998.) Or when it became acceptable
to wear a tracksuit to the supermarket? (It didn't.) Fishnets at work? How to conceal the misfortune of the cankle? Fashion forecaster Michi answers all. In this stylish primer, she tells it like it is: No one looks good in mustard, unless you’re a hot dog. Matching whimsy with brutal honesty, Like I Give a Frock packs fashion illustration and musings into the prettiest package around. Kat Macleod's stunning collages bring Michi's wisdom to life.

Creativity is a Universal Language!

Tucaninho, originally uploaded by Lidia Luz. Ok I admit, I don't speak Brazilian Portuguese, but who cares! I love the bright colours they used on this necklace and the fleted and embroidery pieces and all the mixed media in this necklace! It is like a party around your neck! Unbelievable!

Sweet and Yummy 2-4-1 Magazines

Ok I love Body and Soul, that it is one of Martha's publications makes it that much sweeter! And well Yoga Journal, who hasn't picked up a copy and just been inspired to Be Yoga, and Do Yoga and Look Yoga?
Hmmm.. I guess I am talking about me! Opps! Well this is a incredible deal I wanted to let you all know about! clipped from

Swank Vintage Kewl

Thanx to I was turned on to this book that I wannnnnnt right now! Look at the pics of the book and can you say swank vintage kewl beanz? I mean this is exactly how I wanna decorate our Apt... Seventy's lush.... Go to their website too.. Incrediblelicous! clipped from design team linda (formerly wary – they are now married) and john meyers’ new book ‘tossed and found – unconventional design from cast-offs’ is about ‘reducing, reusing recycling’, anything and everything — from reclaimed wood, to old furniture and lighting — all with detailed drawings and easy how-to instructions included. the team is in my eyes pretty much the expert extraordinaries of re-purposed home furnishings and decor, and in their new book they’ll teach you quite simply how to become their adoring and learned subjects. thanks for sharing your wisdom, ingenuity and creativity, linda and john — i am most happy to share ‘tossed and found’ with the readers. sorry, gushi…

Coastal Iiving Magazine Inspriation for a Cold, Fall day!

Ok so it isn't here where I am, but hey, I grew up in Michigan and know all about overcast, rainy, cold days during this time of year! Here is so summery inspiration to brighten your day! clipped from Tour our Seawatch Idea House
Step inside our latest Idea House in Sunset Harbor, North Carolina.
Room-by-Room Tour
Take a video tour of the:
Living Room
Dining Room
Master Suite
Sleeping Porch

Outdoor Living Spaces
Visit Seawatch and see the Idea House for yourself.
Mexico's 10 Best Hideaways
From the Mayan Riviera to the secluded beaches of Costa Alegre, sun, sand, and serenity are just a short flight away.
See Gallery

Oh I wanna be there today!

Lovely place to read Latest Blog postings and drink Organic Lemonade with my two doggies at my feet! clipped from
Blue Skies Up Above

Lemon Verbena Lemonade!

Thank you Martha! Ok I know itz fall and all that jazz, but I live in Southern Cali and am from Florida and to me this is still Summer!!! So If you need to daydream about summer, cause the weather has gotten chilly where you are, then make up a batch of this lemonade, put on some Jimmy Buffet, and read a good beach novel!~ Sunglasses and flip flops optional!!! clipped from
Photo by Veer Images, Writer Sarah Latta Cool Off “Fruit- and herb-infused lemonades are delightful beach beverages. Lemon Verbena is one of my favorites,” she says.
Lemon Verbena Lemonade
Bring 1¼ cups sugar and 1¼ cups water to a boil in a small saucepan, stirring to dissolve sugar. Remove from heat, and add ¼ cup lemon verbena leaves. Cover and steep 15 minutes. Strain through a fine sieve, and let cool completely. Combine 5 cups
fresh lemon juice, strained, and lemon verbena syrup in a pitcher. Fill glasses with Lemon Verbena Ice Cubes (see below),

Moving toward new opportunities!

I am holding on for dear life, loving it all the while....Shanti

We have just moved to Huntington Beach from Ventura. Wow, what a difference a few hours and 100 miles makes! I am so pleased with our move. Finally, after ten moves in seven years, we may actually be home!

Gratitude list goes like this:
~We have daily sun, Yes daily
~ Palm trees everywhere
~ Beach, which is five miles from our apartment, yet it seems so much closer!
~ IKEA Store (which is five miles from our Apt) !!!!!!!!!
~Pearl Art Store literally one mile from my apartment!
~Cherry on Top Self Serve Yogurt, which is where I had Watermelon Sorbet with Chocolate sprinkles and Pomegrante!!!! My new fav frozen yogurt place!!!
~Huntington Beach is actually called Surf City!
~Art/Craft And Farmers Market every friday!

And these we all discovered in the first 48!!!

I can't wait to blog about all the new possibilities and opportunities!

It seems as though a whole new world has opened up to us..
I am so happy for my time in Ventura, but…

Spirited Beach Bash

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Mandala Beauty Within Embroidery Art

If this doesn't just show the world that yes Embroidery is also a art as well as craft that I don't know what does! This is beautiful! clipped from