Moving toward new opportunities!

I am holding on for dear life, loving it all the while....Shanti

We have just moved to Huntington Beach from Ventura. Wow, what a difference a few hours and 100 miles makes! I am so pleased with our move. Finally, after ten moves in seven years, we may actually be home!

Gratitude list goes like this:
~We have daily sun, Yes daily
~ Palm trees everywhere
~ Beach, which is five miles from our apartment, yet it seems so much closer!
~ IKEA Store (which is five miles from our Apt) !!!!!!!!!
~Pearl Art Store literally one mile from my apartment!
~Cherry on Top Self Serve Yogurt, which is where I had Watermelon Sorbet with Chocolate sprinkles and Pomegrante!!!! My new fav frozen yogurt place!!!
~Huntington Beach is actually called Surf City!
~Art/Craft And Farmers Market every friday!

And these we all discovered in the first 48!!!

I can't wait to blog about all the new possibilities and opportunities!

It seems as though a whole new world has opened up to us..
I am so happy for my time in Ventura, but so glad to be here fa sure!

The blue blue skies, sunny days make me smile from head to toe. Goodbye Marine Layer hello sunshine!

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