Coastal Kitchen Funk!

Here is a wonderful article from the November Issue of Coastal Living that is so fun!

These are must have Coastal kitchen Essentials! The list is for ten, and I am going to tempt you with a few from the list. These are fun, functional and cute! Ok did I say cute factor??? And Tropical delic!!!

To go see the full article here is the link.

Seafood Scissors
I have never even heard of Seafood Scissors!
They are so cute, now I want them!
They are for removing Shrimp Shells.

Loofah-Art Tropical Fish Scrubbers
These are sooo cute! Tough Fish Scrubbers Yah!
They are 100% Biodegradable! And they look like fun in the Kitchen!
I dunno about you but anything that makes me smile, is good for the environment,
and has cute factor, I want!

Coral Branch Decorative Bowls
These are so incredibly cute, and functional.
I myself love anything to do with Coral and these are gorgeous with a capital G!
The bowl's open design allows fruit to breathe and stay fresh longer a huge plus in my book!

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