Crafty Finds This Past Weekend!

We made it to the Tall Mouse Art and Crafts Store (what a name fa sure!) in Laguna Niguel.

I was actually very impressed with itz layout, very clean and they even had a Bead Bar! Nice! The prices weren't what I would pay, but hey I buy beads at shows and have been doing jewelry for over twenty years! I did like the Quilting/Fabric Area. No I don't do either, but can really appreciate the organization, layout, etc!

I did find a great buy on Embroidery thread. It was a pack of 102 Floss hanks. Normal price was 14.95 and I had a 40% off coupon and got them for 8.99 I think! Also got some Embroidery needles, case for them, and Floss Cards and of course the book below! Had to! Looks like fun!
I am now so ready for the upcoming class in Palm Desert! The African Folklore Embroidery Class!

Yah! Can't wait!

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