Lime Green, Peacock Blue and Silver Holiday Glee!

I love the non traditional look of these! And since they are some of my fav colours I am lovin what BHG did here! So easy too make too. Think of other combos: Coral, Sand, and White (for sand, oceany look!).. Of course black and white with a hint of deep purple, and on and on! Have fun! Be Inspired and Create, Create, Create!!!
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Distinctive Holiday
Color Schemes
What We Love:
Easy table decorations in a fun and festive color scheme break the red-and-green mold.
How to Do It:
Attach peacock blue, lime green, and silver Christmas balls to a foam ball by removing caps and using hot glue to adhere.
Insert dowel into foam ball. Wrap ribbon around the dowel, stopping before you reach the bottom.
Fill a vase or container half-full with modeling clay; insert dowel. Fill container with marbles.
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