Surfing Chefs, California Style!

OK ya all know I love Coastal Living, and this month is no exception!
They have a awesome article on Chefs who Surf (gotta love it!), they are a group that promotes Ocean Conservation and Sustainable Seafood.

In this article they share they love of Surfing and Recipes! Does it get any better than that?

One of the Chefs featured is in my own backyard!!! Literally!

Chef Vincent Muraco, of Zimzala, Huntington Beach, California!
Of course everyone in the know gets that Huntington Beach is called Surf City! And they have some of the best Surfing, Surfers and Events of anywhere in the World! Yah HB! And the Restaurants here are not to Shabby either! :)

There are also two other Surfing Chefs: Chef Micah Fields of HASH, Venice, California, and Chef Phillipe Breneman of Aquarius, Santa Cruz, California they share their recipes with wine pairing..

Here is the link to read more!

Surf's up!

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