Our First Cali Tree.....

And to Celebrate being here one full year we are having our first tree (last year we lived in a little baby place!) and it is Key Lime Sparkly Green with Holiday Yummy Cupcake Pink!

The actual ornaments are snowflakes that are full of glitter, they are actually the same colur of the tree and the Key Lime Green with pink lights that came with the tree.

I got them at the Dollar Tree in Westminster. I also added some really kewl silver foil chain style garland I got thru Paperchase at Borders (I love Paperchase they are the best!!!),at 50% off. The tree was also on sale at $12.00 at Big Lots in Westminster.

It is sitting on a (oh its a four foot tree) bright pinky large foot stool matching the tree stool that the top flips over and makes a tray! And for a Tree skirt I have this beautfiul bright pink an orange Sari Material I got at JoAnn's Fabrics a few years back.

I loved it and it is reversible and I just had to have it, no I don't sew or anything!
So it is very festive looking and bright!

Tommorow I am going to take pictures of my smaller Pink tree iwth really kewl glittery deers!

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