Round Up of CHA SuperShow

My meanderings and highlights of the CHA Craft SuperShow in Anaheim.

Let me start off by saying it is nice to go to a show that is less then ten miles from your home. And that was actually pretty easy to get into and around!

It was a great Retail show, that is if you are a Scrapbooker.. Which I do respect an all that jazz, but come on says CRAFT, not Scrapbooking SuperShow!!! Seems as though the show was geared toward Mommy Scrappers....

For me personally my biggest find and thrill was the Clover booth (Japanese Based Needle Arts Company) and was blessed to show up at the exact time that the Clover Reps told me about Michael's Craft Store doing a Demo class a few isles away for the new Clover Flower Loom called: Hana-Ami (ok it is the 1970's Flower Loom updated) and they were giving it away with the class! Barbara and I waited patiently to get a seat and did!
*It is not going to be released till May to retail stores.*
I have been wanting the Hana-Ami ever since I found it on the Clover site, and to see it and use it and get it for free was incredible! What a good Karma score! :) Thank you Universe!

*Clover is also coming out in May with a Pom Pom maker that creates Heart Shaped Pom Poms! *Meet Carol Duvall and got a photo with her. Also talked to her publicist about a interview they said yes!
*Found out Martha Stewart is coming out with a Embroidery Line of Products in the next three months!
* was there and the most subversive Indie Crafter group there, and they stuck out like a sore thumb, Tattoos and all. I overheard them saying they may have to cover them up next time..
*Joann's had a large make and take area, no retail but man were they doing the mini classes! How smart for them!
*Tall Mouse (Locale Craft Store) was there, and retailing, but not so much with any mini classes.
*Hancock Fabrics was there??? I mean I thought they were out of bizz. The Rep at their booth said they just closed a third of their stores.. Like that is small potatoes? They still have 300 though across the country and the nearest one here is in Redlands I think.. They did a big retail booth with lots of make and take, a bit crowded for my taste though...
*Not alot of giveaways, I imagine when things were going well for these companies the freebies were flowing and now they have had to tighten their belts, they also pull back on giveaways.. Unfortunately that is the time to do it!
When we first walked in Michaels and Joanns had nice bags they gave away to use for the show and beyond. Actually Michaels was very nice, heavy duty and looked like they were made for the show! I was suprised that Joanns didn't do the same, they were the green ones you can buy for 99cents and nothing special.
Found out about a few interesting new websites, one is
Their tag is Where ideas take flight. Worth a browse fa sure! A nice online community of support for Crafters who blog and do DIY's...
Overall I was happy to be at the SuperShow with my Mentor Barbara. She has been doing Needle Arts for over 60 years and to have her by my side was incredible! :-}
She knew her way to and fro the Convention Center and parking! She was a real trooper!
I may pop into the CHA Regular Show going on this week.... I have a article to write for Needles Magazine and a interview to go over....

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