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Freecycle 365: Day 19

Busy day again on HB Freecycle, an I was out playing all day in Long Beach! Did I mention I love LB? Oooozing w creativity!
Got some nice vintage scores I will post pics tommorrow!
I am also posting some goodies tommorrow...
PS I finally found artistic scrapbooking store in Irvine, Scrapbook Oasis!
It has the latest goods an a super creative artsy chic who works there! Wed. Nite they have free Scrap nite an you can knit, crochet, embroidery, etc! I'm gonna bring my art journal as well as embroidery project! Nice!
Also got my Top Secret Interview for Needle Magazine finished right on deadline!

Freecycle 365: Day 18

Busy busy folx on Freecycle HB. I saw a offer for Juiceman Jr an did reply, but ended up being second in line, I am sure the other person picked it up. An thatz totally kewl!
I did get a box of vintage wooden spools for $2 of Craigslist! They came in a kewl old white owl "it's a boy" cigar box!!!! I used there for stamp bottoms for clear acrylic stamps!

Freecycle 365: Day 17

Another quiet one on Freecycle. I am going to post a few things this weekend. There's always something to give to someone on Freecycle!
Just got in a assorted lot of Persian Vintage Wool Crewel Yarn!

Nice colours can't wait to use! Only downside is it came from a smokers home!! Ugh! My allergies were killing me when I was balling them up, hopefully the will air out in our non smoking house! Will see, especially since itz vintage yarn it maybe hard to!

Freecycle 365: Day 16

Alot of active today on Freecycle HB, but quiet for me. I was unable to find someone for the bag of sweaters an dropped them off at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.
I did stop by one of two locale Scrapbook Stores. Disappointed they didn't carry Sassafras an Cosmo Cricket the reason I went in there! Bummmer! But they did end up having some older seasons of CC and I found the cutest owl wood chipboard!!!
OMGosh! Can't wait to use it!
I also scored the cutest Asian inspired photo box at locale Goodwill! They also had newer model polaroid one step for $6.99 but they didn't know if it worked, so I passed.
I also got in the mail yesterday the clinique butterfly plastic pouch from a buy it now on Ebay. So great for my new clinique silver tote. The pouch has green an yellow butterfly w clear background!!! So cute! Vintage Look and feel!
Isn't it wonderful to find many uses for items others may just disregard!
I don't use Clinique (I do the Organic Line of Physicians F…

Freecycle 365: Day 15

Crickets chirping, chirping, chirping.. A sleeper day for Freecycle. At least for me. I am still trying to get someone to pick up the bag of sweaters! Oh well!

The felted sweater experiment failed, but one shrunk so small it fit the doggies when I cut the sleeves!!!
To funny!
Oh well I'll try again!

Some Blog Love to Alexander Henry Fabrics!

I love love this companies Retro designs! And you can get the latest from Phat Fabric... I think the Mushrooms are calling my name!

Easy Bake Oven Inventor Dies...

OK I loved my EB Oven! I made little cakes, that even my brothers wouldn't eat! Haha! I still remember that 70's version with such fondness.. Ronald Howes you will be missed and thank you for giving us this great gadget of fun! Ronald Howes, inventor of the Easy Bake Oven, has passed away.

V-Day Vintage Luv Fest!


Freecycle 365: Day 14

A very active day indeed! Tuesdays once a month I go thru our house and Offer a few different big items. My only request is a quick pick up!

Today I offered 3 seperate posts. First one was 6 feet of thin Bamboo Fencing that does us no good in a apartment!
2nd Offer was three Danish inspired white plastic chairs that stack and are really nice, we had them at our spa in Florida. An 3rd Offer was two extra doggie beds I had an toys they no longer use (or ever did!).
All of the Offerings were literally gone forty minutes after posting! Amazing!

I also put the rest of the sweaters (that were cotton) I got yesterday on Craigslist under Free listings, no nibbles so far!

I was able to get so much around our house done today! Thatz always a great feeling! Fa sure!

I finished my day off by washing in hot water those wool an angora an mohair sweaters I got yesterday an am waiting on the dryer to stop! Fingers an toes crossed they will come out felted!!

Freecycle 365: Day 13

On a roll now darlins! Was able to score on Freecycle a bag full of older sweaters, some mohair, angora, etc. For felting!
Tony had to go to Monrovia near Pasadena late so I went with him. He had time to kill be4 his inspection an I found nice Goodwill few miles away. I scored really colourful wool sweater for 1/2 price, as well as 100 proof silk Asian style mandarin collar long top an a Clinique silver tote ( was actually planning on getting it on eBay) all for $23. I enjoy dressing up around house (think sixties loungewear), an am working toward getting more loungy clothes, an less hoodies an drawstring pants look.
I love clinques bags an totes! The retro designs r to die 4!
I scored several never used at Goodwill in Orange an use them for portable projects, I can take w me!

Freecycle 365: Day 12

Was a quiet one! I did put on Craiglist Free Section the two other cameras I got on Day 11 and got so many nibbles I had to delete it only twenty minutes later! A student of photography is picking them up today. He seemed like the perfect fit!

We had a great Sunday. Went to a small farmers Market in Long Beach, where they also had Arts and Crafts! Got a few cute pieces from a artist who wholesales only. The pieces were only $5.00 each! Aren't they cute?

I also went to the $1 Buck Bookstores in Long Beach.. Was able to score a vintage sewing book (1943), vintage embroidery book (1964), and a 70's kids nature crafts book! As well as a MS book, Girl Scout Badges Manual, and a repurposing your clothing book (newer)!

What scores! Then we ate at Whole Foods in LB and walked the doggies in Huntington Beach at the Dog beach.. Luv that! Was such a eventful day and so fun and spent very little mula!

Check out the pics below of some of the lovelies I got!

Freecycle 365: Day 11

Finally crazy Freecycle day luv! Was able to divide crafty fun stuff into three seperate Offers!! So happy to share the luv! Create!!
There was Offer for three 35mm Cameras! I was able to score them, curtesy and thank u! I am going to take the brand new vivitar (also had new case!) and giveaway the two other cameras an case! They weren't as "vintage" as I would like, but it was so sweet of the folx to give them away!!
The bag of goodies even had 35mm film!!
We picked up bag of cameras and stopped by Joanns got a few things, a starbucks run an then to the movie Valentines Day!! Ahhhh so cute!!!
What great day w Freecycle Luv!

Freecycle 365: Day 10

Have a nice size bag full of Crafty Fun that is being posted today. I usually get alot of emails for this kinda thing, so I plan on making two Offers out of this. I have went thru my Studio and organized my stash as well as balled all my yarn up, put my floss on cards an generally got my stash ready to be used! I made my first double sided pincushion an a needlebook!

As well as realized that the most awesome fabric store a half block from my house has a large section of 1.99 a yard flat folds!!!!
So many great fabrics!!
An to top it off they have a huge store in Anaheim 20 minutes from my house that is three times the size of their other location! And a overwhelming 1.99 flat fold section!!!
So many fabrics so little time!!!!!

Freecycle 365: Day 9

Well I couldn't sleep and decided to organize in my studio. I noticed the stash of fabric swatches I got for free on Craigslist. (I originally got a huge box of tailors swatches from a mens shoppe. I mean huge box and heavvvvy!)
I had narrowed the swatches down to what I would use, and got rid of the box on craigslist a few days ago.

After going thru my stash that I kept for myself, I found I was going to use about 40% of the swatches, so I purged again and only kept what I think I will use.
Sooooo my offer today was a bag of fabric swatches. They are about 4 x6 and in little books, and each piece of fabric has a sticker for reference.

FYI: I acutally pulled the swatches from the little books, and took off each sticker, and organizeed each swatch by colour then put them in a container waiting to be used in my studio... How nice it is to be organized!
I am planning on using the swatches for accents on my new line of pin cushions and needlebooks.

Freecycle 365: Day 8

Today was again another beauty!! Sunny, warm and clear blue skies! Nice!
Freeecycle was active today as well. It seems folx are doing a bit of Spring cleaning! I offered up two vintage 70's Golden Hands Craft books ( great for retro designs!) an two back issues of Martha Stewart Living magazine Feburary issues. Great for recipes an eye candy inspiration!

Freecycle 365: Day 7

What a gorgeous sunny Prez Day! Today so many people had off and posted so many nice things! I Offered some womens size large summer tops to someone who emailed me before. She will pick them up tommorow an wear them asap since itz going to be 76 degrees an sunny!!!

V Day 2010 in our house!

Awwwwwe goodies n yum yums!!!
I got T a wonderful Heart Shaped Ivy for his office and made him a Framed Valentine for his office too!!! I also designed him a Valentine Card that was his style... :-}....
I got a beautiful day Vintage shopping and getting fun stuff, as well as a wonderful Vegan Thai meal to dye for darlin!!!! As well as some fun stuff at Joanns and Michaels. I also got a periodot bracelet with peace sign and peace word on clasp (cute!) and a wonderful sterling little necklace (he knows I love my simple small necklaces) that says one love one world one people (I love love Bob Marley)...
Then a afternoon walk at the beach with the dogiges, and fun treats to eat at home (as well as T's to dye for Guacamole/Salsa Delite!)..
What a great day to celebrate! Sunny and warm and Springtime is here!

Shanti Johnson

Tonys Framed Forever Valentine Art

By Moi! He loved it! Taking it to work to decorate his office! A handmade framed and matted Valentine! He liked it cause it was dimensional and wordy! I may add more to it, maybe a few small (really small pictures of us!)

Freecycle 365: Day 6

So much great stuff offered up today! I didn't have need for any (as that is the point!) an decided to offer up scrapbooking coloured an shaped chipboard. Someone finally picked up box of fabric scrapes that I offered up on Friday, after one no show an three emails to me w no follow up by them. A bit frustrating but am thinking some folx on Freecycle Huntington Beach are a bit on takey takey side....
BTW Happy <3 Day one an all!

Freecycle 365: Day 5

Today I was gone all day in Olde Town Orange Ca where the y are known for their antique stores. Got two free back issues of Martha Stewarts Living Magazine!
But today didn't offer or recieve anything on Freecycle. But will be posting pics from today's Vintage Shopping Experience!

Freecycle 365: Day 4

Today was on & off as far as offerings. I did offer up a large n heavy box of fabric samples from men's tailor shop. I took a small amount and wanted to Freecycle up the rest. Got quiet a few responses suprisingly! So they will be off to a good home for a newbie quilter!

Some Early V-Day Luv


Freecycle 365: Day 3

Today was quiet again on Freecycle HB.
I did offer 5 summer shirts (womens) size large.
Someone immediately emailed me an snagged them up. I wish I had more clothes to donate w all the emails I got!
There are so many people suffering right now in this area (I know everywhere).

Gift Of Love Inside the Feburary MS Living Magazine

This is such a great peek inside the creation of Martha Stewarts Feburary Living Magazine. I have it and personally love the magazine! Go here for more pictures and inspiration for V Day!
Go to: for more inspiration! 1Inspirations boards!!! Isn't it amazing to see how a story comes together? The background in each photo was painted on the panels in the background. 3 Finished candy box If you haven’t seen it yet, check out February’s Living for some inspiring, luxurious, handmade Valentine gift ideas. Corinne Gill worked on the story “Gifts from the Heart” along with several other editors, and she passed along some photos from the shoot to share.

Prettiest Island Rooms via Coastal Living Magazine

Just a little something to warm you up! click on the link below!

The Prettiest Island Rooms: In celebration of the annual islands issue, pulled together its favorite tropics-inspired rooms into one super slide show to get your creative wheels spinning.
See full story here:

Freecycle 365: Day 2

Freecycle Day 2

No real activity today, a quiet one. Will be posting some goodies tommorow! Turned my BF in Florida on to Freecycle in her area!
I thought I would post my late 70's Vintage typewriter I got from Janet off Freecycle this past Sunday.. Meet a totally kewl chic an her daughters an scored a blue Smith Corona blue typewriter!

2010 Goal Journal

Makes me smile!

DIY Weekly Creative Tips

If you don't already you should sign up for the DIY Newsletter! Also go out and get the latest issue of DIY Spring edition... It is from BHG and packed full of fun, creative ideas for your home and only $4.99!!! What a steal! DIY Weekly News
Ideas for Your Home and Garden How to Paint Anything -- Glass. Fabric. Metal. Just Paint It! 8 Furniture Makeovers Tour a Colorful Crafts Space Unique Wall Ideas·Pretty Patchwork Pattern·Use Book Pages as Wallpaper·Free Pattern: Paint a Mural

Freecycle 365 Day 1

It was a pretty active day on Freecycle even though it's raining so much!
I won't go out in it so I posted Offering instead today.
A older shorty wetsuit and rash gaurd both for surfing.
My hubby has another new short wet suit and two more rash guards! He is how do you say a bit of a ummm a hoarder!
Funny he won't even miss them or remember having them.
I am sure both the folx getting these items will use them happily! Yah!

Style School Project 6

I was able to score a large artist clipboard from my locale freecycle!!! I sectioned it into four areas. The blackboard are actually self adhesive pieces I got for 3.00 at Big Lots down the street! I added Cosmo Cricket Quotes and paper to decorate. For pink n turquoise pouch on left top I sewed w embroidery floss two pieces of felt. The turquoise one is very stiff! I then hand sewed two pouches on front from Cosmo Crickets girl Friday line I think? It was my first try at hand sewing on paper and hand sewing pouch! I am happy w all! My projects on right is labeled but piece of paper I used to list projects covered it!! All in all I like it! Just have to find large enuff spot on my wall in my studio!!!

New Project Freecycle 365

I have been so involved lately in our locale freecycle group that I started coming to awareness of sharing my experiences with items I giveaway an items I recieve.
As well as the wonderful people I meet!
Enjoy the journey w me!

70's Inspired Embroidery Mandala Freehand


Weekly Goals

I am going to start posting weekly goals to inspire and help to keep me focused. Maybe also do the same for u. If I make a list weekly I find I accomplish more an enjoy life fuller...
Listaholics know this. I just wanna be somewhere between overly goal oriented and non goal specific.. Always comes down to balance an doable goals!


I am manifesting this week:

For Body/Spirit: Yoga & meditate three times this week. Chanting every evening before bed.

For LITM Shoppe: Starting on my new Cali Dreamin 70's Style Pincushions and needle books.... Prototypes..

For Joy: Go w Tony to Drive in Movie and ice skating (not same day!).

For Home: Adding decoration for V Day (I started to decorate last week)

For friendship: Email my friends with updates on my life and support on theirs.

Carol Duvall and

*Meet Carol Duvall and got a photo with her. Also talked to her publicist about a interview they said yes!Update on Carol Duvall:She was not offered (Carol that is) another season and contract from HGTV. They are going into a different direction and trying to tap into the home improvement market instead of the crafters market.Do you remember when you had HGTV on all day and use to watch all the wonderful creative shows they featured? I know I am not the only one who did this!Her publicist is trying to get started with Craft TV online. So you can see all the shows available! The name of the website is: below is the link. The website is here

Martha Stewarts New Book and Embroidery Line!

*Found out Martha Stewart is coming out with a Embroidery Line of Products in the next three months!She is also coming out with a book: Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts this Spring! Here is the Link:This is a big push for us Embroidery Peeps in the US! That MS is coming out with this book and her own line of Embroidery Products means that there is a resurge (we already know that!) of interest in Embroidery and that as some are saying it is the New "Knitting"??? Haha!

Could thes be the cutest way possible to hold Embroidery Floss???

I mean come on these are beyond cute! I so want at least six of them! They are great for the projects I am working on and can just enjoy looking at them when my supplies are laying about (whcih happens alot!) clipped from Emma the Embroidery Floss Holder Description
These adorable little embroidery floss holders will keep your floss safe, secure and cute!
Just wind your floss around Emma's waist and slide the end through her mouth.
Emma is 3" tall and made of beautiful cherry wood!
$7.00 USD PieForBlackbirds

Hmmmmm A nice little Valentines Day gift???

There is very little I want for.. Ok a Ipad, Vintage Typewriter, and this little fun Instant Camera.. Since I am so unsure that Polariod will be making the film for the Camera I have like ever I think it maybe time to move forward and get a instant film camera that has film available for it..So maybe, just maybe, this and a Membership to NGA for one year maybe just what Cupid brings me, besides a wonderful dinner with my lovely and adorable hubby and two little furbabies! clipped from Fujfiilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camera

Amazing Caribbean Homes to Warm up too!!!

Thanx to Coastal Living Magazine for giving us these beautiful pics of warm, tropical, sunny locations to keep us warm this winter! Enjoy the stories and photography while dreaming of Island Time living! clipped from

Home on the Rocks
On the remote island of Bequia, in a community hand-sculpted out of stones and shells, John and Lusan Corbett live deeply
connected to the sun, wind, and sea.

Crazy about CarriaƧou
This island home blends the best of Caribbean culture and contemporary design.
Virgin Gorda Getaway
Catch Island fever by exploring the five pavilions of this Caribbean compound.