Freecycle 365: Day 12

Was a quiet one! I did put on Craiglist Free Section the two other cameras I got on Day 11 and got so many nibbles I had to delete it only twenty minutes later! A student of photography is picking them up today. He seemed like the perfect fit!

We had a great Sunday. Went to a small farmers Market in Long Beach, where they also had Arts and Crafts! Got a few cute pieces from a artist who wholesales only. The pieces were only $5.00 each! Aren't they cute?

I also went to the $1 Buck Bookstores in Long Beach.. Was able to score a vintage sewing book (1943), vintage embroidery book (1964), and a 70's kids nature crafts book! As well as a MS book, Girl Scout Badges Manual, and a repurposing your clothing book (newer)!

What scores! Then we ate at Whole Foods in LB and walked the doggies in Huntington Beach at the Dog beach.. Luv that! Was such a eventful day and so fun and spent very little mula!

Check out the pics below of some of the lovelies I got!

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