Freecycle 365: Day 13

On a roll now darlins! Was able to score on Freecycle a bag full of older sweaters, some mohair, angora, etc. For felting!
Tony had to go to Monrovia near Pasadena late so I went with him. He had time to kill be4 his inspection an I found nice Goodwill few miles away. I scored really colourful wool sweater for 1/2 price, as well as 100 proof silk Asian style mandarin collar long top an a Clinique silver tote ( was actually planning on getting it on eBay) all for $23. I enjoy dressing up around house (think sixties loungewear), an am working toward getting more loungy clothes, an less hoodies an drawstring pants look.
I love clinques bags an totes! The retro designs r to die 4!
I scored several never used at Goodwill in Orange an use them for portable projects, I can take w me!

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