Freecycle 365: Day 14

A very active day indeed! Tuesdays once a month I go thru our house and Offer a few different big items. My only request is a quick pick up!

Today I offered 3 seperate posts. First one was 6 feet of thin Bamboo Fencing that does us no good in a apartment!
2nd Offer was three Danish inspired white plastic chairs that stack and are really nice, we had them at our spa in Florida. An 3rd Offer was two extra doggie beds I had an toys they no longer use (or ever did!).
All of the Offerings were literally gone forty minutes after posting! Amazing!

I also put the rest of the sweaters (that were cotton) I got yesterday on Craigslist under Free listings, no nibbles so far!

I was able to get so much around our house done today! Thatz always a great feeling! Fa sure!

I finished my day off by washing in hot water those wool an angora an mohair sweaters I got yesterday an am waiting on the dryer to stop! Fingers an toes crossed they will come out felted!!

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