Freecycle 365: Day 9

Well I couldn't sleep and decided to organize in my studio. I noticed the stash of fabric swatches I got for free on Craigslist. (I originally got a huge box of tailors swatches from a mens shoppe. I mean huge box and heavvvvy!)
I had narrowed the swatches down to what I would use, and got rid of the box on craigslist a few days ago.

After going thru my stash that I kept for myself, I found I was going to use about 40% of the swatches, so I purged again and only kept what I think I will use.
Sooooo my offer today was a bag of fabric swatches. They are about 4 x6 and in little books, and each piece of fabric has a sticker for reference.

FYI: I acutally pulled the swatches from the little books, and took off each sticker, and organizeed each swatch by colour then put them in a container waiting to be used in my studio... How nice it is to be organized!
I am planning on using the swatches for accents on my new line of pin cushions and needlebooks.

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