Weekly Goals

I am going to start posting weekly goals to inspire and help to keep me focused. Maybe also do the same for u. If I make a list weekly I find I accomplish more an enjoy life fuller...
Listaholics know this. I just wanna be somewhere between overly goal oriented and non goal specific.. Always comes down to balance an doable goals!


I am manifesting this week:

For Body/Spirit: Yoga & meditate three times this week. Chanting every evening before bed.

For LITM Shoppe: Starting on my new Cali Dreamin 70's Style Pincushions and needle books.... Prototypes..

For Joy: Go w Tony to Drive in Movie and ice skating (not same day!).

For Home: Adding decoration for V Day (I started to decorate last week)

For friendship: Email my friends with updates on my life and support on theirs.

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