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Freecycle 365: Day 46

So dayz are just pure bliss, don't u agree?
Freecycle was a bust 4 me on Sunday and as it well needed to be!
I was out n about in the world of sunshine an palm trees cause the weather was da bomb, hot actually!!!
I spied on CL two yellow Ikea chairs 4 $5, yes u read that right! And a kewl wood Ikea stool/end table for another $5 spot!
I know seems surreal!
I scored them and they were BN!!! The yellow chair goes w the orange Ikea desk I got a few days ago so sweetly it makes me gush!
On the homefront we are preparing 4 our upcoming move further south. Placentia looks like a sweat little all American town that has the biggest park ever! Doggie friendly and picnic envy! It is a gorgeous place to perch and hang w the dogs, gotta luv that! Hills and waterways, they r gonna so dig it!!

Freecycle 365: Day 45

What fun day on FC. I was able to Offer my tubular windchimes up and also get a Super 8 film camera and projector! How kewl!
Not sure if the camera works, but the projector probably does!
On the homefront we are getting excited for our move! I also maybe trading my bike and some cash for Schwinn beach Cruiser!!! It will be nice to be able to have my bike on first floor in our storage, instead of up on second floor!
Were we will be living has alot of residential areas to ride around! And I can take it back to Florida!!
Beautiful sunny hot Cali day YAH!

Freecycle 365: Day 44

A quiet day on FC 4 me! I needed it!
But a found a cutie on CL today! In our new Apt we have window seat w/o a seat, so it's perfect to put a small table 4 crafting!!
I found the perfect size table!!!
Orange Ikea compact computer table! For $10 and down the street from me. It is so cute and will fit right in the nook!
I also got a new to use couch at Salvation Army down the street. It is again a Ikea piece (seeing a theme here!), loveseat couch with a retro orange, red and white cover... Soooo cute! It's like made 4 us! Excellent shape and hardly even used...
We love it! Did giveaway our couch on CL bcause it was so easy to get responses and needed two people as well.
I also got couple red Ikea Lack tables and clearanced sagey green rectangular pillow.
All for under $24.00.
I put the red Ikea Lack tables together for a coffee table w orange leaf Pier One runner. And threw the pillow on new to us couch and we had the happiest living room ever! I also have some cute Ikea crochet coast…

Freecycle 365: Day 43

Another busy day on FC. I am going deeper into the letting go process. So much we don't really need that we drag around w us!
Posted furniture today and thatz a bit harder w where I live right now, but they went all my Offers. Helps them, helps me!!!

On homefront we got our transfer approved and we are moving to Placentia! I am looking forward to having heated pool, overlooking the pool, less rent, closer for Tony an his job, smaller town, nice workout room, closer to Palm Springs, and downtown vintage Orange shopping.
We are looking forward to a fun summer!

Freecycle 365: Day 42

Busy as a Bee today. Tony was out of town on business and I was fast at work posting Offers on FC! As fast as I posted them the items went! Phew! Tiring but a great feeling to finally let go of some much baggage, no pun intended!
We moved so much from Florida, I don't even know why!!
My sinus infection just doesn't want to let go! Ugh!

Freecycle 365: Day 41

And all HE-- broke loose today!!! Hehe! I posted so much stuff it's crazy! Offered up more craft items, pier one chairs, boogie boards, beach bags, beach games, cd player boombox, magnifer light, and more. I also have two donation bags for Goodwill. It's amazing how much stuff I dragged from Florida to here! Ugh! I also sold our extra old skool laptop, 7 ft surfboard, professional parafin waxer, Djembe drum. I am really really trying to just keep what we need, which isn't a whole lot, let's face it!
The apt is one bedroom and one bathroom smaller, as well as one less walk in closet.... So we really need to keep what we will use. In the new apt the huge bedroom has a built in nook perfect for a craft/sewing table! And there is a window right there too! They consider it a window seat minus the seat! I want to out nice fabric curtains that I can close when I'm not working there!
Cre8tive solutions 4 compact living!!!

Freecycle 365: Day 40

Monday, Monday.... I was able to do some more cleaning out, but not really post anything yet on CL.
All's quiet on home front.... For now!

Freecycle 365: Day 39

Another day offline, so I missed the finds on CL, but did score a few things at the Long Beach Antique/Vintage Meet! My first time ever and I was in luv. I have only couple pics to share of the highlights of my day there!
I scored a box of American Needlework from 1963 published by Womens Day Magazine. It's a set of 176 patterns for all forms of needlework. Got it for $3. I am planning on selling each vintage pattern on Etsy. Maybe, will see! I also scored some vintage 70's orange an yellow flower sheet set! Just what I was looking for!!! And some handmade wood buttons, and owl acrylic stamps. The major score was a niccccce Bell an Howell leather Camera bag in mint shape!! For $5!!! Great for two of my Lomo's an film!!
We had so much fun, and didn't really spend alot! They have over 900 booths and it's only once a month! Yah! So I crossed of my list vintage 70's sheets, needlework vintage patterns, unique buttons and lomo camera bag. Thank u Universe!
Below is p…

Freecycle 365: Day 38

Who doesn't luv weekends? Saturdays are the gateway to so much waiting to thrift, eat, sunshine to be had, etc! I was not online all day and missed the cement mixer someone Offered (kidding)!!! Amazing the great stuff others freely gift!! Gives me back the good feeling (when I need a warm fuzzy) that there are soooo many nice peeps out there!
Home front we had to go look at a apartment and state our case to our apt complex on the transfer mix up. I did score the latest Green Craft magazine. Chalked full of great inspiration and beautiful pics!! I also scored some wood grain fabric!!
Did I mention that the Southern Cali weather was more summer like then spring like? Lovin it!

Freecycle 365: Day 37

Somedays on Craigslist it's like Christmas! For me (getting) or them (giving) and for Mother Earth! I was able to keep cleaning out our closets, and give something useful to someone else, ah doesn't get better then that!
I was able to give more craft supplies away, as well as unused doggie toys.
On the home front it looks like were are for certain moving! And downsizing into a large one bedroom. Where, is yet to be determined, no not really just waiting for transfer approval from our apt complex.
More WILL be revealed!

Freecycle 365: Day 36

Today was a very productive day fa sure! I offered up a BN Thread Organizer and two spools of BN Serger thread on Freecycle. I'm sure they will get more use out of them then me!

I am still cleaning out my craft room so there will be more goodies fa sure!!!

Did finally get the interview on HEN, minus technical difficulties! Always something to test my patience!!! But really just life on life's terms!

And FINISHED the 6 Embroidery Buttons for the swap! Yah! It took quite awhile but I got the technique down, finally!
I did three hand drawn hearts on some Amy Butler Fabric, and outlined three flowers from some Alexander Henry fun fabric!
So happy to have them done!

Also some great news, MS's (Martha Stewart) peeps are sending me a copy of her newest book to review for HEN! Can't wait too see it!

Now I can start on my New line of Embroidery Art Designs!

Freecycle 365: Day 35

You never know what someone is going to offer up on Freecycle! Thatz kinda the kewl thing about it, serendipty fa sure! Today someone offered up a Boat an Trailer!!!! Wow!
And it was working and had been covered. Amazing how nice peeps can be!
I didn't need it and I'm sure whoever got it is flipping out!!

Did a run to Joann's for some more button making supplies.
I also found some cute lemon designed fabric! And got 50% off the cutest St Pat's Debbie Mumm fabric. It has rainbows, lephrecauns, pots of gold! Awesomely fun an makes me smile!

Freecycle 365: Day 34

Quiet day on Freecycle, crickets chirping! Calm after the storm! After getting so many things Offered last week I needed a bit of a break!

Becoming a bit frazzled over the Feelin Stitchy Embroidery Button Swap! Ok down right freakin out! But with a few simple instructions from my mentor and a online tutorial, I may just produce something nice, fingers an toes crossed!

My mentor came by today and I had a bag of goodies for her! Chocked full of fun crafty books, threads, knitting boards, etc.
Things I didn't want to just giveaway on Freecycle without seeing if she wanted them, and she did, of course!

Stitch Fest NYC Event Launching Martha's New Book!

Thought I would share these even though most of us won't there!
Just Beam me up Scotty!!!!
I do have some kewl newz though the nice folx at Martha Stewart are sending me a complimentary copy of the new Book and I will be reviewing it for Hand Embroidery Network. Can't wait to see it!
I personally like what MS has done for Crafting and Creating a Beautiful life thru Crafting!
So here is the schedule and dates... Oh well a grrl can dream can't she?

Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts The event takes place April 1st
Starrett Lehigh building,
601 West 26th Street NYC
from 6pm-9pm.
Tickets are $30.00 and with that you receive a copy of the book, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and the experience of the book coming to life in displays, demos and make & takes. Space is limited. You can get ticketshere.

Bestest Yoga Retreats, Coastal Living Style!

I have posted this be4 but come on, who doesn't need a bit of a nudge to go over to Coastal Living Magazine and see what is what in Yoga Retreats Coastal Living Style? And maybe, just maybe inspire you, I, us, to email, or call one of these incredible retreats and book a week of pure lovely bliss???

My favs are:
White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center Santa Barbara, California
Use to live not to far from there and am familar with their "vibe"! At $657.00 Donation it can't be beat for a week of pure Yoga Luv!

Kalani Retreat
Big Island, Hawaii

I have been to the Big Island years ago (lucky me!) and want to go back.. Since I am in Cali now, it would be a more sensible trip for me, Yah! At only $999.00 for Six days, five nites with food and Yoga I am going to start saving for this for hubby and me! Yummy!

Check out your favs and put it up on your vision board! Let's manifest some Yoga Bliss in our lives!

From Coastal Living:
23 BEST COASTAL YOGA RETREATS (Page 51) – Whether you…

Revamp your home with Coastal Living Inspiration!

Who doesn't need a Coastal Beachy Makeover, right about now??? Winter is leaving us in some spots and it's time to look ahead to warmer, longer days and sunshine bliss! This article in the latest Coastal Living Magazine is choked full of creative inspiration!
From Coastal Living:
MODERN INTERIORS – Rejuvenate a tired space with clean lines and cheery pops of color from
clipped from Red Hot
Heat Wave Playful Approach Retro Chic Strong Start

Freecycle 365: Day 33

What a beautiful day in Southern Cali, and a fun day on Freecycle HB!
I was able to Offer up some thin bamboo fencing and a bin of old tools!
And I scored a Ikea Queen size platform bed! Yah!

On the Apt. front we are having guests in the next few weeks an of course are doing some cleaning out, organizing, and so on.
My hubby has been dragging around two largeeee rubbermaid containers of old tools. He is not one to let go, it's up to me, even though at times he's kicking an screaming about it!
So I somehow in my infinite wisdumb decided to tackle these containers. OMGosh what a mistake! I for some reason didn't realize he didn't have a top on one of the bins and they are out on the patio and all his tools in it had gotten wet!! And many ruined.
So I had to make a Freecycle, trash an keeper piles, and did I mention this stuff is heavy? Can you say 60 pounds each container? Ugh! I was able to clean an salvage some of his tools thank gosh an some were rusted so badddd that they…

Freecycle 365: Day 32

Was a busy day on FC Huntington Beach. I don't know if I mentioned it but we have or 5,000 members! Although only a handful post it's bustling w activity somedays!
I Offered up some fun sewing accesories an swatches of fabrics, as well as a vintage One Step Polaroid Camera. Both went to good folx who I am sure will enjoy them!
Craftywise I was able to work on my 2010 monthly craft diary and create some inspiring pages! I am starting to feel more and more organized, which has alot to do w Freecycle!
On the retail front, The buzz about Liberty of London at Target is Crrrrrazzzy!
I did go onine to check out their goodies and yes they have a uber kewl vintage style vibe, but I didn't see anything I really wanted, or needed. And since I love vintage and all things upcycled, it's a clear choice for me that I won't be rushing off to Target to load up my shopping cart!
BTW we are going to the Long Beach Antique/Vintage Market that's once a month. With over 800 vendors it …

Freecycle 365: Day 31

Sinus infection, still having folx pick up from yesterdays Offerings. Did get a electronic can opener from a new friend on Freecycle. We Need it since our Eco friendly one works not so much!!
Still dealing w Sinus Infection, ugh!!

Freecycle 365: Day 30

More Offerings by me. So busy getting things out of my house an reorganizing, freeing up space. We are looking to move into smaller unit in Corona due to Tonys job change. So we won't have the room and need to be crafty crafty w our space!!!!
Still dealing w sinus infection. Ugh!

Freecycle 365: Day 29

Today was the start of two days of crazy Offerings by me. I Offered up so many items I can't remember but will try. A underbed storage w wheels container, assorted Organic Skincare Supplies, Esthetician Supplies, nice small luggage on wheels w telescoping handle, assorted nice size 10 womens shoes, iPod accesories, vintage craft books, Buddhist faith books and more!
Felt good to get things out of the house to others who would enjoy them!
I still was battling sinus infection. Ugh!

Freecycle 365: Day 28

Sinus headache and day of sleep, ugh!

Freecycle 365: Day 27

I decided to do Spring Cleaning so I decided to purposely not to even look at Offers on Freecycle!
I decided to clean out second bedroom closet and the dining room cupboard.
At the same time I started to get severe sinus/head pain. And like a dummy was out of BC Powder and tried three advil, which never works...
Ugh! So I had a day of severe sinus pain an my house somewhat tore up! Eek!

Coastal Living Magazine Giveaway!

We are all having dreamy thoughts of Springtime (where appropriate) fa sure!!
To help you along with your daydreams Coastal Living Magazine has generously given me a extra fresh, new, hot off the press Latest Edition of their gorgeous magazine.

All you have to do is leave a comment saying what you love about spring in your part of the world.
I will randomly pick a winner on St. Patty's Day.
Itz easy peasy!

Freecycle 365: Day 26

Jacccckpot! Ok got some nice things and pics to prove it!
I scored a really nice Vintage Polaroid SLR 680!!! Can u say Ebay an 600 film? I have to score some film an use this beauty!! BTW really nice person (as usual) giving it away!

Second item is a OM Sound Machine. Runs on batteries an has ocean sounds, rainforest, windchimes, etc. Great for when we are away an need some relaxing sounds to sleep by (yes I have iTouch apps like that) but itz nice to have something portable an won't run down my iTouch battery!
So all in all was a great Freecycle day! Thank u nice Freecycle peeps!!!
Other news we maybe relocating to Corona... We do a relocation thru Archstone an we can be in the mountains, close to Palm Springs, and it would be out of the OC Crush an so on.... More will be revealed fa sure!

Some Lomo luv

Ok got the goods this past weekend. Friday went to La Cresente and got two Lomo's. A Blackbird n Fisheye 2. Then won a Ebay auction 4 a ActionSampler. Ok and a locale grrl sold me a Pop!
Here r a few pics. I did sell the Blackbird today, since it wasn't really what I wanted I know it went to a good home! I am gonna buy som film this week n shoot, shoot, shoot! Luv me some Lomo's!

Freecycle 365: Day 25

Activity and offerings like crazy on Freecycle. Missed out on Vintage Adler Sewing machine...
I'm sure the person who got it is happpppy!
We spend afternoon in Long Beach! I so love it there! Man is it fun! Found some fun vintage goodies to create w as well as a work/live loft. I would love to move East Village area downtown. Will see!

Freecycle 365: Day 24

Another quiet day on Freecycle. I did post some fun kitchen goodies an had one (???) response. But she couldn't find my place to do a pick up and I still have the bag of goodies.. Goodwill here I come!
Working on new projects and feelin spring in the air! Yah!

Freecycle 365: Day 23

Chirp, Chirp. Cricket sounds. All quiet on Freecycle today. I'm busy working on Journal for the class i'm taking thru! Fun will post pic of cover later today!

Freecycle 365: Day 22

Another active day on Freecycle HB! I saw a Offer for two full bags of yarn!!! I was second in line, oh well! I am sure they will enjoy it!!
I decided to take a couple online classes this month, and rather then take classes that last a few months with tons of projects I decided on shorter focused kinda classes.

My first class I started is a self paced journal/scrapbook class called "So you think u know me?" from

Shimelle is the creator an teacher of quite a few classes that she teaches online. She lives in England and came all the way to Cali where I saw her booth at the CHA SuperShow in Anaheim! Awesome! She seems like a free-spirit! Yah her!

I liked the idea of this class since it focuses on me exclusively an emotions! Each page u journal a pic an list of feelings or events linked to a emotion. There is a workbook that asks u ?'s for each emotion.
Looking so forward to the class!

Freecycle 365: Day 21

I was able to get the brand new Vivitarv Camera w box and bag off to a good home! To bad I only had one, had so many people respond! Went to a lady who was going to use it as a incentive to her thirteen year old daughter for good grades!
Love me some Freecycle! I got it from another Freecycler who offered three cameras!
Sometimes I think I am just middleman to get items where they really need to be!
All in all a great feeling!

Freecycle 365: Day 20

Busy dayz lately! Must be sunshine & springtime in Southern Cali! I watched the goodies post an go so fast! Yah!
Quiet day for me. I did score Ike Rosen's book Modern Embroidery! Yah! So yummy fa sure! Will post pics when I get it. It was literally .75 cents plus ship!!!!
Here's a pic from the book.

FREE Digital Issue of Organic Spa Magazine!

Enjoy! Something to brighten your day! Click here to Read! Click here to Read!

Time to think about Beach Yoga Retreats! Courtesy of Coastal Living!

Even if it is only a daydream, it's a lovely one! Yummy! Go to Coastal Living to read the rest of the story! From Coastal Living Magazine Website: Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a curious newbie, a yoga getaway is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate. We scoured beaches all over the world to find our favorites. Until recently, yoga retreats conjured images of hippie-dippy communes with
spartan dormitories, flavorless vegan food, and long hours of silence
interspersed with chanting. Now, thanks to the spa vacation trend and yoga’s
popularity, those who want to stretch out and rejuvenate while enjoying a
relaxing beach trip can have it all. Imagine practicing sun salutations to the
sound of lapping waves instead of Enya music, while looking at an ocean sunrise
rather than walls plastered with happy Buddha posters.