Bestest Yoga Retreats, Coastal Living Style!

I have posted this be4 but come on, who doesn't need a bit of a nudge to go over to Coastal Living Magazine and see what is what in Yoga Retreats Coastal Living Style? And maybe, just maybe inspire you, I, us, to email, or call one of these incredible retreats and book a week of pure lovely bliss???

My favs are:
White Lotus Foundation Retreat Center
Santa Barbara, California

Use to live not to far from there and am familar with their "vibe"! At $657.00 Donation it can't be beat for a week of pure Yoga Luv!

Kalani Retreat
Big Island, Hawaii

I have been to the Big Island years ago (lucky me!) and want to go back.. Since I am in Cali now, it would be a more sensible trip for me, Yah! At only $999.00 for Six days, five nites with food and Yoga I am going to start saving for this for hubby and me! Yummy!

Check out your favs and put it up on your vision board! Let's manifest some Yoga Bliss in our lives!

From Coastal Living:

23 BEST COASTAL YOGA RETREATS (Page 51) – Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a curious newbie, a yoga getaway is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate. Coastal Living scoured beaches all over the world and settled on 23 retreats spanning the Americas , the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia .Link:

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