Freecycle 365: Day 26

Jacccckpot! Ok got some nice things and pics to prove it!
I scored a really nice Vintage Polaroid SLR 680!!! Can u say Ebay an 600 film? I have to score some film an use this beauty!! BTW really nice person (as usual) giving it away!

Second item is a OM Sound Machine. Runs on batteries an has ocean sounds, rainforest, windchimes, etc. Great for when we are away an need some relaxing sounds to sleep by (yes I have iTouch apps like that) but itz nice to have something portable an won't run down my iTouch battery!
So all in all was a great Freecycle day! Thank u nice Freecycle peeps!!!
Other news we maybe relocating to Corona... We do a relocation thru Archstone an we can be in the mountains, close to Palm Springs, and it would be out of the OC Crush an so on.... More will be revealed fa sure!

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