Freecycle 365: Day 33

What a beautiful day in Southern Cali, and a fun day on Freecycle HB!
I was able to Offer up some thin bamboo fencing and a bin of old tools!
And I scored a Ikea Queen size platform bed! Yah!

On the Apt. front we are having guests in the next few weeks an of course are doing some cleaning out, organizing, and so on.
My hubby has been dragging around two largeeee rubbermaid containers of old tools. He is not one to let go, it's up to me, even though at times he's kicking an screaming about it!
So I somehow in my infinite wisdumb decided to tackle these containers. OMGosh what a mistake! I for some reason didn't realize he didn't have a top on one of the bins and they are out on the patio and all his tools in it had gotten wet!! And many ruined.
So I had to make a Freecycle, trash an keeper piles, and did I mention this stuff is heavy? Can you say 60 pounds each container? Ugh! I was able to clean an salvage some of his tools thank gosh an some were rusted so badddd that they were put out in front of trash in the case someone wanted them. There were some that I was able to giveaway in a Freecycle Offering. They were on verge on being throwaway but I just knew someone could use them. So now he is done to one bin 1/2 full! Yah! Especially when it comes to moving!
The plan for the Ikea Queen size platform is to replace the double size Ikea platform (can u say thank u Freecycle) one we an the dogs sleep on, and give it away on freecycle! First I need to find some groovy vintage queen sheets and a queen mattress.
All be4 we move next month...Ahhhh Spring is in the air!

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