Freecycle 365: Day 39

Another day offline, so I missed the finds on CL, but did score a few things at the Long Beach Antique/Vintage Meet! My first time ever and I was in luv. I have only couple pics to share of the highlights of my day there!
I scored a box of American Needlework from 1963 published by Womens Day Magazine. It's a set of 176 patterns for all forms of needlework. Got it for $3. I am planning on selling each vintage pattern on Etsy. Maybe, will see! I also scored some vintage 70's orange an yellow flower sheet set! Just what I was looking for!!! And some handmade wood buttons, and owl acrylic stamps. The major score was a niccccce Bell an Howell leather Camera bag in mint shape!! For $5!!! Great for two of my Lomo's an film!!
We had so much fun, and didn't really spend alot! They have over 900 booths and it's only once a month! Yah! So I crossed of my list vintage 70's sheets, needlework vintage patterns, unique buttons and lomo camera bag. Thank u Universe!
Below is pic of Vintage Macrame Chair an Stool, as well as pretty vintage pillows.

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