Freecycle 365: Day 41

And all HE-- broke loose today!!! Hehe! I posted so much stuff it's crazy! Offered up more craft items, pier one chairs, boogie boards, beach bags, beach games, cd player boombox, magnifer light, and more. I also have two donation bags for Goodwill. It's amazing how much stuff I dragged from Florida to here! Ugh! I also sold our extra old skool laptop, 7 ft surfboard, professional parafin waxer, Djembe drum. I am really really trying to just keep what we need, which isn't a whole lot, let's face it!
The apt is one bedroom and one bathroom smaller, as well as one less walk in closet.... So we really need to keep what we will use. In the new apt the huge bedroom has a built in nook perfect for a craft/sewing table! And there is a window right there too! They consider it a window seat minus the seat! I want to out nice fabric curtains that I can close when I'm not working there!
Cre8tive solutions 4 compact living!!!

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