Freecycle 365: Day 44

A quiet day on FC 4 me! I needed it!
But a found a cutie on CL today! In our new Apt we have window seat w/o a seat, so it's perfect to put a small table 4 crafting!!
I found the perfect size table!!!
Orange Ikea compact computer table! For $10 and down the street from me. It is so cute and will fit right in the nook!
I also got a new to use couch at Salvation Army down the street. It is again a Ikea piece (seeing a theme here!), loveseat couch with a retro orange, red and white cover... Soooo cute! It's like made 4 us! Excellent shape and hardly even used...
We love it! Did giveaway our couch on CL bcause it was so easy to get responses and needed two people as well.
I also got couple red Ikea Lack tables and clearanced sagey green rectangular pillow.
All for under $24.00.
I put the red Ikea Lack tables together for a coffee table w orange leaf Pier One runner. And threw the pillow on new to us couch and we had the happiest living room ever! I also have some cute Ikea crochet coasters on our new coffee table and done!
And the new couch will be easier to move!!! Yah!!
For us it's all about ease of moving, especially since we will eventually be going back to Florida.
I'm so proud of us we are able to move into a really well laid out 680sq ft one bedroom.

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