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Freecycle 366: Day 77

Today was quiet on FC Fullerton. I'm down to just giving away a few odds an ends, maybe tommorow?

On the homefront we have so trimmed down what we own, thanx to FC and CL!! That we can comfortably and stylishly live in a one bedroom under 750 sq ft! We do have two small storages included w our Apt, but even those aren't packed!!!!!!

Itz such a joy to come home to our little Apt with big high ceilings, skylights, and great views of the pool from our balcony!
This is my fav Apt in Cali yet!
And we have found some nice Ikea pieces on CL and in locale thrift stores!! Something we covet in Florida, and here itz common place....

I do feel like we are back to balance since our week of falling off the wagon and spendful BDay weekend in Palm Springs. Itz nice to be back intune w our money an eatting habits, yes they are so related!!

Freecycle 365: Day 76

Offline and celebrating BDay weekend so no FC!

We just got back from Palm Springs 4 my BDay!!!

We were able to find a room even though Stagecoach Concert was going on at same time!!!

At first we had rocky start, even though we left at 2 afternoon the traffic was a bear!! And our first Hotel room wouldn't let us stay there because they forgot to mention they had one dog minimum and we had two!! So we had to punt and two hours later found a room! Wehhhh that was stress!

We enjoyed a great dinner at Kings Highway (in Ace Hotel).. Love that place, I'm gonna snag a room 4 us their during hot summertime cheap ratez Palm Springs Style!!!

The next day we had breakfast at locale Health Food Store, and since it was my BDay, and we did a bit of Thrift Shopping, Palm Springz Style!! We got a shopping cart w wheels at Marshalls along w small organizer purse 4 me, so needed!

Then we found few Thrift Stores and got a few cute silver costume jewelry pins, a seagull and a mushroom!!! So cute!!!
One i…

Freecycle 365: Dayz 66-75

Ok I feel off the wagon! I moved, unpacked and signed up for FC Fullerton. Unfortunately my experience so far is not that of FC Huntington Beach! I'm spoiled, fa sure. Letz just say that I've found putting Free listings on CL a quicker way to expediate my Offers!

I went thru our two storage units and donated quite a bit of goodies to some nice folx in my new area!

I did though buy a few new things during the last 10 dayz since I posted, thatz what I mean falling off the wagon!!!

It waz my BDay week and I treated myself! A new Liberty of London swimsuit (less 30% off), a Liberty of London Nightie, new non leather wallet (I was using a clinique type zipper purse w no pockets for last year!), and some more embroidery floss.
I was feeling out of sorts after the move an I fell back into shopping... Ugh!

On a positive note, I did score at a locale thrift store a awesome mushroom 70's cross stitch piece of framed art 4 a housewarming for our new apt!!!

It looks great in our vintage ki…

Freecycle 365: Day 65

Today was a dooozy!! I took a day off from FC, and was a bad grrl and did some retail shopping and showed up at Old Navy, I'm a Card Holder and was sent a coupon that said first fifty people got 50% off everything in the store!!!!!!
I show up at nineish to find out that you get bag an line started at 8 am... And they handed them out that early. So I was only gonna get 20% off!!!
Well I was not feelin that at all, and nice lady asked me if I was doing good and I followed her and mentioned that one of the managers miss told me about sale asked what her name was and said I would call corporate! She begrudgingly said ask for me go to isle 7 and I'll give u 50% off!!
Ok I was so blissed!! Lucky me day! I got some undies, four tops, two dog leashes, boxers and socks for hubby and zipper hoodie for him! $64.00 I saved $87!! Did I mention that all clearance was 50% off and then another 50%! I only got what we needed nothing more!
Even though it was retail, new consumer consumption at leas…

Freecycle 365: Dayz 60-64

Are truly a blur, packing, putting tonz of stuff on FC, getting quite a few flakes, ugh! But we were able to giveaway our 26inch TV, workbench, more clothes, and beauty supplies, etc! Thank gosh 4 FC, especially when your planning to move!
On homefront I'm battling fatigue something terrible, my meditteranen anemia (I have thank u the Italian side) seems to have reared itz ugly head! So inbetween resting, packing, and running errands itz been crazy!!
Soon it will be over!

Be part of our Spring Embroidery Swap on HEN!

HEN ATC Spring Embroidery Swap
Over at Hand Embroidery NEtwork (HEN for short) We are have our first ever Swap under way!
Click on the link above and be part of a Springtime Embroidery ATC Swap and for more details!! Going to be fun! Create! Embroider! Bliss!

Freecycle 365: Day 59

Guests left today and it was a quiet day on FC, could be sunny kewl weather!! I plan on posting more goodies on FC be4 we move on Saturday, just wasn't ready to today..
On homefront itz offical we started packing! And I'm so proud of myself I'm down to one small box and one medium box for my crafty supplies! Yah!!!
I also recieved in the mail the Vintage orange n yellow 70's pom poms on one side and granny square on other pillow cover!!!! Beautiful fa sure!! And my coin purse swap came today also! My partner is from Denmark and she made me a cute coin purse, w wristlet and sent some beads n embroidery thread!!
My first Swap off Swap-Bot! Can u say addicted?? Can't wait to do more! We r planning one on HEN w a post about it Monday!! Fun fun fun!!!

Freecycle 365: Day 58

I was offline most of the day and missed out on any given or gettin on FC and somehow I'm sure FC still went on w/o me!!!
On homefront I mailed out more orders (6 this week) and found some cute flip flops (of all places) at Tuesday Morning across the street from where we live. I got pink onez and blue onez! The have glittery thin straps across the top and (yes sadly) made of rubber and great 4 the pool! I also found some cute stripey board shorts at Target while picking up my script. I had great self control there and didn't buy any Liberty of London except 4 a small set of 3 notepads 4 my purse. And that my friend was it. Period!
I am trying w all my might not to buy new... But flip flops, swimwear, underwear and bras are impossible to buy used. For swimwear I am 40C and need straps that don't go around my neck, try finding those types of swimwear tops!! I did buy one on eBay, a cute one piece gently used but wasn't big enough (even though the size was) across the c…

Freecycle 365: Day 57

Although I had family in town I was still able to Offer on FC another bag of nice womens and mens clothing. And sneak them out on our front stoop be4 our guests woke up! Magic!
On the homefront I stayed home while our guests went to Venice Beach. I had to mail out four orders (yah) and finish my review w pics of Martha Stewarts new book: Encyclopedia of Sewing an Fabric Crafts. That pretty much took up most of my day and I missed the hot sunny sit by the pool weather!
But to get stuff done is always nice!! Finished, the end, done, over with (u get my drift!!)...

Freecycle 365: Day 56

Today was rush rush rush!! I put in OFFERS to FC and needed them out of here by early afternoon! Be4 my Husbands family flew in! Ekk!
And it went smoothly for the most part! I was able to offer up some extra Recovery books, some BN Crafty books, some BN yoga, detox style books!
I know so many people wanted them, wish I had more!!!!
I was able in the nick of time get the house in order and everything nice nice 4 our guests!
I'm feeling itchy to get the move over, we will start packing Sunday. I've still got more goodies to offer up on FC, and know it will change once we move to Placentia, but I don't want to project to much in the future!!!

Freecycle 365: Day 55

Today was brimming w fun on FC! Seems Springtime Cleaning is underway 4 most of us an what better way to do it then thru FC?
I was able to OFFER some nice womens clothing that I just couldn't squeeze into anymore (oh oh), my old Motorola Razer phone w all accesories, and some fabric that I won't be using maybe ever (yes I am a fabric hound).
I know they went to good homes an will be <3!!
on homefront we are having guest this week. My husbands Step Mom and her new husband are coming to visit us for a few days from Florida.
So a certain buzz of cleaning and making things nice nice 4 them.
We are on countdown for moving, can u say next Sat?
Ugh, but I'm hoping it will be a good, easy move (like theirs such thing!).
I ordered off Etsy a Vintage 70's pillow cover mint condition in orange, one sides granny square the other pom poms and edged in fringe!! I think it will look lovely on our bed!!!
Ok off to do more cleaning!

Freecycle 365: Day 54

My hubby finally (yah) went thru his dress pants and was able to part w 6 pair which translates to a nice Offer on FC. They actually went quick. My hubby is even getting into FC Spirit! He likey likes the little stories I tell about where items go and who I met on FC, etc..

On homefront my In-Laws sort of are coming to visit for a few days this week from Florida. I get to hear the juicy news back home and show them around Southern Cali.

My Orange 70's mint condition bedspread from Moxie came in (so quick!) and it's lovely w orange fringe an all!!! Sigh my dream colours, lemon, orange and touch of pink!

Another share be4 I sign off is Meyers Lemons! We found them at Traders Joe and they said they were sweet lemons, they have a orangey lemon look. Can I just say *gush* they r wonderfully lemony sweet!!! I'm in love!!! :-)

Freecycle 365: Day 53

Easter Fun! I offered up a Toaster and Toaster Oven on FC. Hubby got us a toaster oven and toaster all in one. So kewl! The top part is toaster, shoulda got one of these years ago!!!!
We had low keyed Easter and relaxed until we had a Earthquake. A bit unraveling to say the least.

Freecycle 365: Day 52

Was offline most of the day being out an about in the Cali Sunshine.
Scored a nice Ikea (theme again) red, white and orangey colour large rug!!!! For $10!!
And found some nice Thrift store finds.
OJ queen size 70's Sheet set!! And two OJ 70's pillows, one w a price still on it!!!
I also got a few summer tops an madras long shorts...
Great day Thrifting w Hubby!

Freecycle 365: Day 51

Offered up my small sewing machine that was never used. And Body Flex system I got in CM at Goodwill for cheap, but decided that I have enuff work out stuff!!!
On homefront I found a nice pair of Ikea Billy bookcase glass doors on CL!


I wanted something to cover the front of my Ikea Billy bookcase since I use it for crafty supplies. Now I can put it in dining area and have it look a hutch, etc..

The doors were gorgeous too, they had a leafy design w frosted glass!!!

Freecycle 365: Day 50

FC fun today. I Offered up some crafty items. They went to a teacher who worked w the Brownies, sigh me so pleased!!
I even went thru my acrylic stamps an added some to the Offer..
Decided to order a groovy oj colour 70's bedspread from Moxie on Etsy for our new bedroom look. Yellow, orange and pink.
I also found some Vintage pillowcases with 70's wave of oj and yellow. Can u say Sunshine Day bedroom!!

Martha Stewart launching 71 book about Needle Crafts

And i am so lucky to have one in my hot little hands, thank u MS peeps! Look for the review w pictures i will be posting here and on HEN. Be excited, very excited!!!

Martha is launching her new book called the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. Order it here!

Freecycle 365: Day 49

Ok coming back to life today!! Yahooo! Offered assortment of magazines on FC, Domino, MS Living, Kids Mag by MS, Coastal Living and Home by Oprah.
Fun poolside reads fa sure.

I was able to score BN multicolor, craft 10 drawer organizer 4 $10 on CL! Same one they sell at Joanns for $55.
Goes nicely w orange table n yellow chair scored last week!
And best newz is it's compact n will fit nice n snug in our new apt in window seat nook!
Love it when stuff works out w small apt design in mind!

Freecycle 365: Day 48

A bit of Sinus relief, popping BC powder like candy (ugh) and sneezing my brains out. So another day of no FC.

Freecycle 365: Day 47

Tuesday was sinus HE__ for me. With return of cold weather return of Sinus Headache.. So no FC for me..
Just thoughts of warm sunny days an sinus bliss.