Freecycle 365: Day 54

My hubby finally (yah) went thru his dress pants and was able to part w 6 pair which translates to a nice Offer on FC. They actually went quick. My hubby is even getting into FC Spirit! He likey likes the little stories I tell about where items go and who I met on FC, etc..

On homefront my In-Laws sort of are coming to visit for a few days this week from Florida. I get to hear the juicy news back home and show them around Southern Cali.

My Orange 70's mint condition bedspread from Moxie came in (so quick!) and it's lovely w orange fringe an all!!! Sigh my dream colours, lemon, orange and touch of pink!

Another share be4 I sign off is Meyers Lemons! We found them at Traders Joe and they said they were sweet lemons, they have a orangey lemon look. Can I just say *gush* they r wonderfully lemony sweet!!! I'm in love!!! :-)

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