Freecycle 365: Day 55

Today was brimming w fun on FC! Seems Springtime Cleaning is underway 4 most of us an what better way to do it then thru FC?
I was able to OFFER some nice womens clothing that I just couldn't squeeze into anymore (oh oh), my old Motorola Razer phone w all accesories, and some fabric that I won't be using maybe ever (yes I am a fabric hound).
I know they went to good homes an will be <3!!
on homefront we are having guest this week. My husbands Step Mom and her new husband are coming to visit us for a few days from Florida.
So a certain buzz of cleaning and making things nice nice 4 them.
We are on countdown for moving, can u say next Sat?
Ugh, but I'm hoping it will be a good, easy move (like theirs such thing!).
I ordered off Etsy a Vintage 70's pillow cover mint condition in orange, one sides granny square the other pom poms and edged in fringe!! I think it will look lovely on our bed!!!
Ok off to do more cleaning!

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