Freecycle 365: Day 58

I was offline most of the day and missed out on any given or gettin on FC and somehow I'm sure FC still went on w/o me!!!
On homefront I mailed out more orders (6 this week) and found some cute flip flops (of all places) at Tuesday Morning across the street from where we live. I got pink onez and blue onez! The have glittery thin straps across the top and (yes sadly) made of rubber and great 4 the pool! I also found some cute stripey board shorts at Target while picking up my script. I had great self control there and didn't buy any Liberty of London except 4 a small set of 3 notepads 4 my purse. And that my friend was it. Period!
I am trying w all my might not to buy new... But flip flops, swimwear, underwear and bras are impossible to buy used. For swimwear I am 40C and need straps that don't go around my neck, try finding those types of swimwear tops!! I did buy one on eBay, a cute one piece gently used but wasn't big enough (even though the size was) across the chest..
And I'm size 10 for flip flops I rarely if ever find any shoes let alone flip flops when thrifting in my size. And well Bra's and panties need I say more???
But all else is fair game!!

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