Freecycle 365: Day 59

Guests left today and it was a quiet day on FC, could be sunny kewl weather!! I plan on posting more goodies on FC be4 we move on Saturday, just wasn't ready to today..
On homefront itz offical we started packing! And I'm so proud of myself I'm down to one small box and one medium box for my crafty supplies! Yah!!!
I also recieved in the mail the Vintage orange n yellow 70's pom poms on one side and granny square on other pillow cover!!!! Beautiful fa sure!! And my coin purse swap came today also! My partner is from Denmark and she made me a cute coin purse, w wristlet and sent some beads n embroidery thread!!
My first Swap off Swap-Bot! Can u say addicted?? Can't wait to do more! We r planning one on HEN w a post about it Monday!! Fun fun fun!!!

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