Freecycle 365: Day 65

Today was a dooozy!! I took a day off from FC, and was a bad grrl and did some retail shopping and showed up at Old Navy, I'm a Card Holder and was sent a coupon that said first fifty people got 50% off everything in the store!!!!!!
I show up at nineish to find out that you get bag an line started at 8 am... And they handed them out that early. So I was only gonna get 20% off!!!
Well I was not feelin that at all, and nice lady asked me if I was doing good and I followed her and mentioned that one of the managers miss told me about sale asked what her name was and said I would call corporate! She begrudgingly said ask for me go to isle 7 and I'll give u 50% off!!
Ok I was so blissed!! Lucky me day! I got some undies, four tops, two dog leashes, boxers and socks for hubby and zipper hoodie for him! $64.00 I saved $87!! Did I mention that all clearance was 50% off and then another 50%! I only got what we needed nothing more!
Even though it was retail, new consumer consumption at least I didn't go overboard, an had restraint!
Well itz 10pm and we r packed and showered and relaxing w frozen yogurt and a old movie!!
Soooo much better then in past when we were up till wee hours of morning!! And I found someone on Craigslist to help Tony load and unload truck! My grrlfriend is coming over to help me clean apt!
So itz gonna be smooth for once!!

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