Freecycle 366: Day 77

Today was quiet on FC Fullerton. I'm down to just giving away a few odds an ends, maybe tommorow?

On the homefront we have so trimmed down what we own, thanx to FC and CL!! That we can comfortably and stylishly live in a one bedroom under 750 sq ft! We do have two small storages included w our Apt, but even those aren't packed!!!!!!

Itz such a joy to come home to our little Apt with big high ceilings, skylights, and great views of the pool from our balcony!
This is my fav Apt in Cali yet!
And we have found some nice Ikea pieces on CL and in locale thrift stores!! Something we covet in Florida, and here itz common place....

I do feel like we are back to balance since our week of falling off the wagon and spendful BDay weekend in Palm Springs. Itz nice to be back intune w our money an eatting habits, yes they are so related!!

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