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Fun Dayz of Summer

Is starting to feel alot like summer, Cali style that is!
The warmer weather in Southern Cali makes me homesick for Florida...

I found a nice little used bookstore a few miles from the house that has 50% off all books!!!
I scored a few awesome Embroidery books from the 70's and design books 70's style! Me so happy!!!

I'm feelin real blessed this week and finally out of my funk. Yoga, meditation and finding good AA meetings and a sponsor.
As long as I get into action I alwayz feel better. Wallowing in Self Pity is whatz dangerous for this Alcoholic!
Thatz it for now. Pics to come soon!

Stitch ON Grrl

Long Beach Antique Market Picz

I've been meaning to post these picz of items that rock my world!!

Ok what can u say? Beautiful!

Kewl Dining Set! Luv the Orange!

Bumble Bee Chairs oh my!!

Vintage phonez!

Cute Cute Set!!!

Repurposed Pillowz!

Thatz just some of the gorgeouz items at LB Antique Market!!
Recommend this place happens once a Month!!

Stitch ON Grrl

Vintage Book Bliss

Well finally I can say I found the goodz yesterday!!! Thrifting Bliss is what I was in!!
Needlepoint books from 1968-1975..

This is one of these books that needs to be in all Needlecraft Libraries!!
Classic an only $1.00!

This is going on Etsy. I'm real impressed at how great of shape these books are in! The work of our hands is a Jewish Needlecraft! How kewl fa. Sure and a find!

This is a fun looking 70's project book!

I scored another copy of The House book a 1970's Premier for designers, then and Now!!
Came w Dustcover to boot!! This is going on Etsy too...

This is my second copy I scored of this! Plan on posting it tommorow for HEN May giveaway! W vintage Embroidery Floss.

I actually scored a box full of books!! Yah! Some are going in my library, some are for future HEN giveaways, and some will go on Etsy!!
Ok well thatz it for now. I'll start posting some of my book cover artwork! Have so much fun doing these!?


Dakine Thrift Store Bliss

Ok finally found DaKine Thrift Store in Orange, on Tustin St.☺❤☻ Cheap, Cheap!!!

What I Scored:

I got a really cute BN 70's Crewel Embroidery Kit❣ And Cross-stitch BN 80's Kit with a assortment of Owlz design❣❣❣❣❣
I also got some nice yardage of fabric: linen and pink cotton.
A BN Liz Claiborne Brite Yellow slacks w tags, BN Nike running shorts in orange n pink, some vintage Embroidery Hoops n a gorgeousssss wood Hawaiian 70's salad bowl set! Wheh Thrift Bliss!!!

I also did Lunchtime Yoga at our Apt overlooking the pool❣❤☻ Allergies getting a bit better❣❣ Just what the Doctor Ordered❣

Freecycle 365: Put on hold

It seemz the changes w moving and settling in has changed directions w FC. I had mentoned b4 on this blog it may take new shape, change, etc.
And it seems it has. I did OFFER up a BN Paper Shredder an Jewelry Designer Bag. They loved them and it worked out smoothly on FC Fullerton.
But really since last week, I haven't see much on FC, and have nothing to offer up as of yet. So if I do offer up or recieve something I will post it fa sure!!
I was reading a blog today that is very inspiring. The blog owner is doing her story, chapter by chapter. And it seems very real and healing. I'm considering doing it here on Stitch ON Grrl.
On the homefront we are settling in nicely. It is so easy to clean and keep our one bedroom nice and cute! Like 20 minutes weekly! Vacuum, light dusting and once over on hard surfaces!!!! How freeing an liberating is that!
I am working on a a new Embroidery piece and finally finished the piece thatz been in my Embroidery bag forever!!
I will post pics soon!

Freecycle 365: Dayz 85-88

Been so slow on FC Fullerton, I wanna call it NoCycle Fullerton!!! Ok though on Day 87 someone actually OFFERED a iTouch Apple iPod!!!!! Now maybe it was a joke, but if not OMGosh!!!! Of course I already have one and was wondering how many peeps responded!! Ammmmazing, when it rains it pours!!
On homefront we are getting settled in nicely!!! Yah! We r getting in the groove of things in Placentia!
It is so nice n easy w no to little traffic, as well as alot of what we need here so as not to have to go into Fullerton, Brea, Anaheim, etc..
Itz been great pool weather fa sure!!!
I have to get on the spending detox diet though. I have been doing a bit of retail (Marshalls, Big Lots, Kmart) shopping and believe itz due to making our new Apt perfect! Not gonna happen an don't really need anything outside of me to fix a inside of me problem!
Doing meditation w sound healing n Reiki tonite on myself, to bring it all back to balance!


Freecycle 365: Day 84

Today was no go FC Day. Fullerton FC just doesn't go off the way HB does an when I started this I had no idea I would be moving from HB!!
Oh well roll w the waves an will just have to see how FC 365 evolves!
In the meantime I found a incredibly retail store named Factory 2 U. It has the most amazing prices, name brands an latest fashions starting at $1.99, yes you read that correctly! Most of people who workn shop there are Hispanic, an don't speak even Spanglish!
But man the values, cute things and quality clothing, home furnishings, etc.
I purchased some cute tops 4 summer, a beautiful silky India Inspired Comforter w two shams in colours of lime, bright pink, citrus yellow, and more in pactchwork design 4 $15!! Itz gorgeous!!!!!
And reversible too!!!!!!
I'm pretty sold on this new store and will do my new retail purchasing their!! Ola!! Gracias!
Although I saw more goodies to buy, I only got what we needed, not what we wannnnnted, waaaaaaaaaaaaa (baby noises)!!
Itz still …

Freecycle 365: Dayz 78-83

Since FC Fullerton is quiet more then active their will be stretches like this. I am going to be Offering up a few fun things this week!
On the homefront we have been busy putting the finishing touches on our stylish new apt.
We made a journey to our area Ikea store in Costa Mesa. I wanted to change out our pendant lamp in our dining area, and Ikea had the retro white teardrop one 4 $9.99 on clearance!
So we splurged got that, a small pink desk lamp, three orange storage boxes, and wall decals and most awesome patchwork sofa cover for our Klippan Couch thatz gorgeous!!! (it was As Is section $10!!!)
$75 worth of splurge and of course New.....yes another fall off the wagon!
Not proud of myself, it is what it is and we had list got what was on list then two sale items.
I wanted another cover 4 our Ikea Sofa, so we can have fall/winter look, and we already have Spring/Summer cover!!
We put up pendant lamp and it looks right instep w our 70's round kitchen table!!!
I plan on leaving the pend…